‘Shuttlecock Miracle’ Women’s badminton team crosses the Great Wall and wins the first time in 12 years

– Korean women’s badminton top for the first time in 12 years after winning the 2010 Uber Cup

– The last singles runner, Shim Yu-jin, expected to be ‘thin’, the first contribution to the championship

– Lee So-hee-Shin Seung-chan, Kim Hye-jeong-Gong Hee-yong doubles team played a big role and added strength to the championship

– ‘Ace’ Se-young Ahn lost ‘one point difference’ after fighting with an injury

[스포티비뉴스=조영준 기자] The ‘shuttlecock miracle’ echoed in the night sky of Bangkok, Thailand. The Korean women’s badminton team won the World Team Badminton Championship for the first time in 12 years by winning a miraculous comeback victory over China in the ‘World’s Strongest’.

The women’s national team defeated China 3-2 in the final of the World Badminton Federation (BWF) 2022 Uber Cup World Women’s Team Badminton Championships held at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on the 14th.

In 2010, the women’s badminton won the Uber Cup. Six years later, they reached the final in 2016, but unfortunately, they lost to China and had to be content with the runner-up. Korea, with the ‘shuttlecock genius’ Ahn Se-young and a strong doubles team, sank the ‘big ship’ China and lifted the championship trophy.

Singles Ahn Se-young (20, Samsung Life Insurance, world ranking 4th) Kim Ga-eun (24, Samsung Life Insurance, world ranking 19th) Shim Yu-jin (23, Incheon International Airport, world ranking 46th) Doubles Sohee Lee (28)-Shin Seung-chan (28, above) Incheon International Airport) Kim Hye-jeong (24, Samsung Life Insurance) and Gong Hee-yong (26, Jeonbuk Bank), the Korean women’s badminton team, ran five consecutive victories from the group stage to the semi-finals.


Shim Yu-jin is the one who shouldered the heavy burden of winning the first championship in 12 years. She played against Yujin Shim, who is ranked 46th in the world, and Wang Jii, who is ranked 15th. Before this match, the opponent’s record was 1 win and 2 losses.

Winning hahahahahaha!!!



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