Rybakina gives Muguruza no chance

The Kazakh has been far superior to a Muguruza who has not been able to change the course of the season. Rybakina owned the match from start to finish (6-3, 6-1).

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Debut more than complicated the one I had Garbiñe Muguruza in Cincinnati. The Venezuelan Hispanic was measured against Rybakina, who had already beaten Mayar Sheriff and also came with confidence. In the head to head two confrontation with a victory for each side, although this time the favorite seemed to be the Kazakh.

Another early goodbye from Muguruza

Elena Rybakina started more successful and the rhythm of competition in this tournament was noticeable. She, thanks to a break, quickly escaped on the scoreboard until 3-0. Muguruza alternated some with errors that were not enough to get closer on the scoreboard. Moreover, Rybakina achieved another break that put her at 5-1 very close to winning the first set. Conchita’s pupil reacted and after two consecutive games she tried to cheer up, but the reaction was too late. finally gAdding the ninth game in white with his service Rybakina put the 6-3 on the scoreboard.

The positive part for Muguruza is that he had been seen with the clearest ideas in recent games and that is how he should start in the second set. Things started the same way in the second moto. The only good news is that Muguruza got a break that left him with a draw on the scoreboard. From 1-1 Rybakina was better again, especially in the important points. The state of mind that the Spanish was going through was not the best and therefore Rybakina took advantage of his mistakes. With 5-1, the Kazakh was at the rest to close the match. With the 30-40 Muguruza made a double fault that made him say goodbye to Cincinnati in the worst way and continue in a negative spiral this season.


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