Roseto, Ousmane Maiga signed with Basket 20.20

Il Roseto Basket 20.20 announces the signing of Ousmane Maiga, a small forward born in 2005 who arrived a year ago in Lido delle Rose after starting his training in Bassano. Originally from Mali, Ousmane showed off in the past C Silver championship, during which he was our opponent in the Roseto Sharks tank. Now, he is ready to compete also with the big ones upstairs.

So coach Ernesto Francani: “Ousmane is one of those guys that I strongly wanted, and on which I focus a lot. We are talking about a multipurpose player, whom I would like to play outside but because of his physicality he can give us a hand even in the big forward position. I hope it can be the year of his consecration to a senior team. “

These, however, are the words of the player: “I have always waited for the moment to play in a senior team, and I am very happy with this opportunity, so much so that I am already looking forward to taking the field with my teammates. We are facing a difficult championship, in which you must always give your all in attack and defense to bring home the result ”.

By Luciano Di Giulio

Director in charge of this magazine, music expert and veteran journalist from the province of Teramo. Registered since 1992, in the Register of Journalists of Abruzzo, in the list of publicists. He has directed several publishing projects and has participated in the creation of several book publications.

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