Persib Vs PSIS and 3 Dramas at GBLA


Persib Bandung vs PSIS Semarang match was marked by three dramas. Starting from the controversial penalty for Maung Bandung, repeated penalties, to throw-in goals.

The 4th week of the 2022 Liga 1 match will take place at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium, Saturday (13/8/2022). Persib came out as the winner with a score of 2-1.

Persib’s goals were scored by David da Silva in round 1 and round 2. Meanwhile, Taisei Marukawa scored the only PSIS goal.

Apart from that, this fight was marked by a lot of drama. First, the controversial penalty given by referee Totok Fitrianto for Persib Bandung in the first half.

The penalty prize was awarded after a PSIS Semarang player, Jonathan Cantillana, was deemed to have committed handball in the forbidden box. In the replay, the ball actually only hit the arm of the Chilean-Palestinian crossbreed.

It had just hit the arm, the ball came after bouncing off the stomach. Even if it hits the hand, the ball bounces off other body parts so it will not be considered handball.

It was so his hands were not active because they were in a natural position. Naturally, Cantilanna and the PSIS players also protested.

The second drama occurred after David da Silva’s penalty kick was arrested by PSIS goalkeeper Wahyu Tri. The referee asked for the penalty to be repeated because Wahyu Tri went out of line while trying to block a penalty kick.

Uniquely, Wahyu Tri left the line after being tricked by David da Silva’s signature trick when he was about to take a penalty kick. The former Bhayangkara goalkeeper had already left the goal line, then stopped the ball.

Another protest was launched by the PSIS camp regarding this repeated penalty. Wahyu Tri was no exception, who reasoned that he left the goal line because he was deceived by a trick from David da Silva.

Interestingly, David da Silva still did the same trick when the penalty was repeated. Wahyu Tri was again provoked out of line, but this time the ball went in and the referee confirmed David da Silva’s goal.

The third drama took place at the end of the match when Alfeandra Dewangga’s throw-in shot into the Persib goal. The referee had approved the goal and then annulled it after consulting with the assistant referee.

In this matter, the referee’s decision was correct because the throw-in ball could not be a goal. To be valid, the throw must hit a player, while in the case of Dewangga’s throw it did not hit anyone from the players of both teams.

This is stated in IFAB Laws of The Game Law 15 which states; “a goal cannot be awarded if it goes straight from a throw-in”:

-If the ball goes into the opponent’s goal – a goal kick is awarded
-If the ball goes into the goal of the team taking the throw-in – a corner is awarded.

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