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Over the years, numerous player contracts have been announced in the NBA, millions of figures that represent a great mobility of money within the league teams, however; The earnings of the referees are almost never talked about, who in each match strive to offer a good job for the proper development of the matches.

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Currently, referees have an average salary of 300,000 to 500,000 dollars per season, depending on the time they began serving or the recognition received, meaning a good sum of money that many people manage to impress.

In principle, a referee can earn 180 thousand dollars in his beginnings as a sports official, per game they can get a figure of 2,000 dollars when he is a rookie, while if he has experience he could have an income of 7,000 dollars per match.

On the other hand, the cleaning staff or rather those who are in charge of cleaning the floor during halftime or in a play that could cause the floor to get wet, earn approximately between 80,000 and 100,000 dollars per campaign.

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Clearly, these salaries cannot be compared to that of the players, but their relevance tends to generate impressions on the fans, who are mostly unaware of the monetary system that is used with personnel who do not work in the teams.

To date, no announcement has been made from the league regarding salary changes, however, this modification could come into action in a short time, all depending on the projects and needs involved in organizing NBA games.



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