“My preference would go to Mick Schumacher,” says Esteban Ocon

The French driver would see himself cohabiting with the German in 2023.

In search of a new driver for the 2023 season after the announced departure of Fernando Alonso and the refusal of Oscar Piastri to succeed him, Alpine already knows who Esteban Ocon would like to have as a teammate. “I don’t know what the team will decide, I can’t really comment on that. But yes, I told the boss that my preference would go to Mick Schumacher. Because if he doesn’t find a solution, I would be very happy to team up with him. He’s a good friend“Explained Esteban Ocon on the sidelines of the Belgian Grand Prix, in comments relayed by

“But again, I have no say in the decision. That’s just my opinion. I thought it was pretty good to just say what I would like. I have no idea of ​​the situation [de Schumacher]. But since there is no signed contract anywhere, I would say yes, it would be good if we tried to get Mick., continues the Norman for whom a cohabitation with Pierre Gasly, closely followed by Alpine, is also a possibility. “It’s going well, we have respect for each other, I think that’s what’s important.” said Ocon, whose relations with his compatriot have not always been good in the past.



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