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It is very easy to guess the first one and the last one is also not difficult, but in the middle? The first Italian is only sixth, Aleix Espargaro is far behind. A ranking based on world championships and career races

August 16, 2022

Cas he remembered Nico Cereghini at the beginning of 2022 this championship sees on the track 14 world champions, a very important number that highlights this competition. The following is the ranking by GP titles and victoriesor a kind of perpetual ranking (similar to that of Serie A football) of the careers of the 24 drivers of the top class.

How does it work: in the first place what counts is the world cupfrom MotoGP to Moto3 and then the single wins in the various categories: in the ranking that follows a victory in MotoGP weighs more than 10 in Moto2 but a world championship won in Moto3 weighs more than 20 races won in MotoGP.

It starts from 24th driver and you get to the firstwhich is easy to guess who he is, but between the 24th and the first the ranking is very interesting.

There are no Italians in the top 5: the first is sixth and the last is 23rd. One of the three contenders for the 2022 championship in this ranking is in the bottom positions.

This ranking has no claim to be the one that defines the values ​​on the track in this 2022 but, as is often said, e as the pilots themselves saythere is a lot difference between a driver who has won “only” grands prix from one who has been World Champion: for this reason in the top positions there are certain riders and not others. Enjoy the reading!

There are 5 MotoGP riders who have never won a MotoGP race or a world championship

24th and last Darryn Binder: Only 1 race won in Moto3, never close to the title in Moto3, never raced in Moto2, his move to MotoGP seemed completely risky to many. He was feared for his impetuousness, seen in Moto3. For now he is doing a rather anonymous championship on Yamaha

23rd, penultimate Ffir Di Giannantonio: 1 race won in Moto2, 2 in Moto3 in which he finished second in 2018. This year, great sharp at Mugello: pole in the first year in MotoGP

22esimo Takaaki Nakagami: 2 races won in Moto2, sixth place in Moto2 best placement. From next year he will only be a tester for Honda

21st Marco Bezzecchi: 3 races won in Moto 2, 3 in Moto3. He finished third in both championships, again with 214 points

20th Luca Marini: 6 races won in Moto2, in 2020 he finished second in the middle class championship

19th Raul Fernandez: 8 races won by rookie in Moto2, second place in 2021. Disaster in MotoGP this year with Ktm

Four riders have won MotoGP races but no world championship

18th Aleix Espargaro: for those who follow the world championship this year, few but some will be there, it seems absurd to see him here. Yet Aleix won the first race of his career (!) This year. For him, only a victory in MotoGP which, due to the way we set up the ranking, weighs more than the other victories of the previous riders

17esimo Jack Miller: 3 races won in MotoGP (1 with Honda, 2 with Ducati, he is one of seven to have won MotoGP races with two different bikes)

16esimo Alex Rins: 3 races won in MotoGP, all with Suzuki. He is above Miller for placings: he finished second in the championship in Moto3 and Moto2 and third in MotoGP

15th Miguel Oliveira: 4 MotoGP victories for the Portuguese, all with Ktm

Four riders have won MotoGP races and a Moto3 or 125 world championship

14esimo Jorge Martin: he won a Moto3 World Championship and a MotoGP rookie race

13esimo Brad Binder: he won a Moto3 World Championship and 2 MotoGP races

12esimo Maverick Vinales: he won a Moto3 World Championship and 9 MotoGP races

11th Andrea Dovizioso: he won a world championship in 125 and 15 races in MotoGP

Two riders have won a Moto2 World Championship and no MotoGP race:

Decimo Remy Gardner: he won the Moto2 World Championship and 6 Moto2 races

Ninth Pol Espargaro: he won the world championship in Moto2 and 15 races in the two lower classes, he made podiums in MotoGP

Three riders have won the Moto2 World Championship and MotoGP races

OItavo Enea Bastianini: he won the Moto2 World Championship and three MotoGP races

Seventh Franco Morbidelli: he won the Moto2 world championship, three MotoGP races and was vice world champion in 2020

Sesto Pecco Bagnaia: won the Moto2 world championship and 8 races in MotoGP, runner-up of the world in 2021

Two riders have won two world championships but not in MotoGP

Quinto Alex Marquez: Marc’s much-maligned brother is a two-time world champion, 2014 in Moto3 and 2019 in Moto2. He hasn’t won GP in MotoGP, where he has two podiums

Fourth Johann Zarco: he won two Moto2 World Championships, in 2015 and 2016. He still lacks a Grand Prix victory in MotoGP, who knows if he will ever succeed

Three riders have won the MotoGP world championship

Terzo Fabio Quartararo: winner of the 2021 world championship, he won 11 races in MotoGP

According to Joan Mir: winner of a MotoGP and a Moto3 world championship, he has only won one grand prix in the premier class

Primo Marc Marquez: eight world titles, 6 in MotoGP, one in Moto2 and one in 125


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