medals for all


A large number of judokas participated in the Central Republic Championship.

The Central Republic Championship is one of the most important judo events in our country, an event organized by the Cordoba Federation for a long time. The one that happened was the 32nd edition. In it, based in Villa Carlos Paz, a large number of judokas were participating. The competition was held in different categories and in both branches as well. Among the many good ones who were competing there were four representatives of the Riogalleguense Association. They all came back with at least one medal around their necks. Some even two. Like Joaquina Nieto, who was Gold in Juniors and Silver in Seniors, always in the -70kg category. Gonzalo Chinchilla was another of those who doubled in the celebrations. He did it thanks to two third places. One, in Novice Cadets and the other in Novice Kiu, both in -66kg. The last medals that the capital delegation added were Bronze. Giovanni Pauletto obtained it in Infantil A (-38kg) and Benjamín Nicolai did it in Infantil B (-64kg). In charge of the delegation was Professor José Chinchilla, who, upon returning to the city, analyzed the performance of his team in this important event. “The boys did very well. They had a good preparation in the previous months and it paid off. They came back very happy with their achievements and, of course, so were we”, said the judoka master. What is coming in the coming months is a lot in terms of work and competition. The eliminatory round for the Evita Games will be held shortly, as well as the selective ones for the E.Pa.De. and Araucania.



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