Luiz Fernando puts Goianiense on sale

Nacional faces Atlético Goianiense from 7:15 p.m. in Parque Central for the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana quarterfinals.

Nacional jumped onto the field with Sergio Rochet, Leandro Lozano, Leo Coelho, Nicolás Marichal, Camilo Cándido; Yonatan Rodriguez, Felipe Carballo; Alfonso Trezza, Franco Fagundez, Diego Zabala; Emmanuel Gigliotti.

On the bench was Luis Suárez, with number 9 on his back, along with Martín Rodríguez, Mathías Laborda, Mario Risso, Brian Ocampo, Leandro Otormín, Juan Ignacio Ramírez, Christian Almeida, Joaquín Trasante, Diego Rodríguez, Alex Castro and Jose Luis Rodriguez.

First time

After 3 minutes, Nacional came into danger for the first time with an overflow to the left by Cándido and a center that Gigliotti headed outside.

Nacional was closer to the rival goal and a free kick by Franco Fagúndez at 17 brought him closer to the goal. Marichal also had it on the rebound.

But time and time again Ronaldo saved the goal with a remarkable double intervention.

The goalkeeper was left lying on the floor after preventing the fall of his bow and the game was stopped for five minutes. Instead Renan Santos at 21.

Nacional’s worst moment to date occurred in the 23rd minute, when Luiz Fernando received a perfect cross in the heart of the large area and between two defenders, with a header, he sent the ball into the back of the net.

At 38′, after a short corner, Cándido took a furious shot that Renán deflected in a great intervention to another corner kick.

At 45’+2′. Zabala tried a dangerous shot from outside the area.

The details

National: Serge Rochet; Leandro Lozano, Leonardo Coelho, Nicolás Marichal, Camilo Cándido; Felipe Carballo, Diego Rodriguez; Alfonso Trezza, Diego Zabala, Franco Fagundez; Emmanuel Gigliotti. DT: Pablo Repetto.
Atletico Goianiense: Ronaldo, Hayner, Edson, Ramon, Jefferson da Silva; Airton Santos Sousa, Marlon Freitas, Shaylon, Gabriel Baralhas, Wellington Rato; Diego Churin. DT: Jorge.
Basketball court: Grand Central Park
Changes at Atletico Goianiense: Renan Santos x Ronaldo -injured-
Gol: 23′ Luiz Fernando (AG)
Judges: Eber Aquino (Paraguay)
Yellow: 30′ Leo Pereira (AG), 42′ D. Churín (AG), 45’+4′ Gabriel Baralhas (AG)



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