Low wall. Judo-club: the results of a season that leaves some regrets

the essential
The 2021-2022 season has been intense enough for most sports and cultural associations for a post-COVID recovery year.

For the Muret Judo Club, the calendar was intense, the fights numerous. We had to find the rhythm. “It’s a frustrating season overall, even if it’s not bad. Each time, we’re at the foot of the podium, it’s down to the details” regrets Willy Gigot, judo teacher at the MJC. The objectives are not achieved even if the practiced judo is correct. At the National level, Muretain judokas have systematically qualified for the final stages without bringing back any medals but with encouraging results.

After two years of Covid

The Covid didn’t help either. The recovery time took away from the preparation time. “We are relying on this post-COVID year to prepare for the 2022/2023 season. We have big goals for our young people,” underlines Carl Bordelai, president of the MJC. Emma Moulin is 12th in the National ranking and passes juniors next season. Ilona Cosso, aims for a podium France in juniors.

Alae Ennaoui intends to remain at the highest level among the youngest. Titouan Fiakin-Martinez goes up to the 1st Division and intends to do well there, as does Mélissa Lavoix, also in the 1st Division. The cadet/junior team will also play in the 1st Division.

The year was more complicated for the little ones who had fewer friendly encounters than in previous seasons, the fear of the Covid weighing on the children.

“We hope to find a normal rhythm of friendly competitions for the youngest. To recover a craze on the tatami mats. The Muret Judo Club also hopes to organize a meeting” indicates Carl Bordelai.

The MJC also wanted to highlight Chrisophe Combes who was promoted this year to national sports commissioner. This is the highest possible title for this position.



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