like!The beautiful and sassy Xi’an sports delegation returned with honor in the early morning

like!The beautiful and sassy Xi’an sports delegation returned with honor in the early morning

2022-08-12 08:28:11Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News In the early morning of August 12, 2022, the Xi’an Sports Delegation, which represented Xi’an in Yulin and achieved good results at the 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games, made a trip all night and returned triumphantly! After a fierce competition, the athletes of our city won the first place in the delegation’s total score list with 780.65 gold medals (336.65 gold medals in the three-year competition), 421.6 silver medals, and 429.95 bronze medals in this Provincial Games; With 444 gold medals, 213.5 silver medals and 217 bronze medals, he won the first place in the medal list of the competition; with 219 gold medals, 153.5 silver medals and 139 bronze medals, he won the first place in the medal list of key projects. At the same time, the Xi’an sports delegation also won the Sports Ethics Award, and many Xi’an players and coaches won the “Future Star” and “Bole Award”, which has truly achieved the double harvest of competition results and spiritual civilization, and created the city’s The best result in the history of the sports delegation participating in the Provincial Games!

On August 11, the 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games ended successfully in Yulin City. The four-year provincial sports meeting is the largest comprehensive sports meeting in our province. It is a grand event to showcase the youth competitive sports level and national fitness achievements in Shaanxi Province. event. The various events of this Provincial Games will be held one after another on July 19. A sports delegation of 1,850 people has been formed in Xi’an to participate in swimming, diving, archery, shooting, track and field and other major events for the youth group of this Provincial Games. all games. Through the joint efforts of all coaches, athletes, logistical support personnel and staff, our city has created the best results in the history of participating in the Provincial Games. On the field, the spirit of daring and hard work of the athletes fully demonstrated the spiritual outlook of the ancient city of Xi’an, and also achieved a bumper harvest of both sports performance and spiritual civilization.

At 2:00 a.m. on August 12, a train full of Xi’an sports athletes, team leaders, coaches, and staff entered Xi’an Railway Station. Liu Gang, deputy director of Xi’an Sports Bureau, and Wu Yilun, a second-level inspector, arrived at the station to welcome them back in triumph. hero. At the scene, the leaders of the Municipal Sports Bureau presented flowers to the provincial athletes, congratulated them, and thanked the coaches and staff for their hard work in this event. Liu Gang, deputy director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, encouraged our city’s athletes and coaches to stand on a new starting point, stay true to their original aspirations, work hard, and achieve great results, and constantly make new and greater achievements for the high-quality development of our city’s sports undertakings. contribute.

“Success is not accidental. Behind the honor are the sweat and tears during training. The spirit of our city’s provincial athletes to make great achievements and constantly surpass themselves has surpassed the meaning of medals. Their efforts and achievements show that The power of sports is the power of life!” Liu Gang said, hoping that the city’s sports athletes will continue to carry forward the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, climbing the peak, and daring to fight, and win more honors for Xi’an sports.

After returning home with honors, some athletes will return to the training ground after a short rest to prepare for a new competition. The new journey is a new starting point. Guo Junhao, the athlete who won the gold medal in the men’s judo group C-60kg category at the Provincial Games, said: “The gold medal won in the Provincial Games has become a ‘past tense’, and I will still be there in the future. On a bigger stage, we will win gold and silver for Xi’an!” Zhang Fuyan, the head coach of the Xi’an Judo Men’s Team, who won the “Bole Award” at the Provincial Games, said: “This time, the Xi’an Judo Team has worked hard in the Provincial Games and won a total of win 14SheetGold, 11SheetSilver, 18SheetBronze medal, won the first place in the gold medal list, the first place in the medal list and the first place in the group total score, and won the sportsmanship and style award, which exceeded the goals and tasks assigned by the Municipal Sports Bureau. Back in Xi’an, we will make a good summary and strive to maintain the advantages of our traditional advantageous projects! “

The athletes of Xi’an have achieved their results in the Provincial Games, and they are worthy of the people of the ancient city to be proud and praised for them!

Text/Video Jin Pengtu, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Press/Dou Yiming, Omnimedia Reporter of Xi’an Press Some pictures provided by Xi’an Sports Bureau



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