Jana Doleželová: I can imagine a child after forty, I’m still open to it

Golf requires concentration, are you patient?
When I started, I might have had a problem with not showing a negative emotion at the moment when the shot didn’t work out, but when a person is more experienced, they can suppress it more. Golf is a gentleman’s game and negative emotions don’t belong on the course, you have to be able to handle it. It is also psychological preparation for life.

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You have a five-year-old daughter Veronika. Do you take her to sports? Specifically for golf?
It’s still too early for golf, but she was already at putting with us and trying to putt with children’s clubs. We’ve already taught her to ski, she also rides big hills in the Giant Mountains and she can swim, which I think is essential so that if she falls into the water, she’ll be able to climb out. She plays tennis, but I also take her to other things. Now he starts going to music, he’s versatile. I support the philosophy that a parent should only accompany the child and not dictate what he should do. I would like her to choose what she enjoys.

Is there anything you really like?
I think it’s a mix of both of us. Nature was fair in this direction and sort of dealt fifty-fifty. So he has one thing more than me. It has been in my closet for handbags and shoes since I was a child. I came to like them at the age of twenty-two. (laughter)

How do you like to spend time together?
We have a lot of common interests. When there was a lockdown, we liked to go cycling together every day. The little one was in a bike seat and it was a great way to fill the empty time we all had. She loved those trips, because during the trip she saw tractors, horses, excavators… Now she is bigger and it is no longer for me to drive her. So that’s one of our passions and then skiing and we like to play the piano together. I have a piano at home, we enjoy it.

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Can you imagine having one more child after forty?
I can imagine it. It’s actually something that either comes or it doesn’t. I’ll see what life brings. I don’t feel like I have to have a baby, but I don’t feel like I don’t at all. I’m open to that.

It didn’t work out for you with Verunka’s father. Are you in love again?
Readers will certainly not be interested in this, it has already been written about several times, so I will not burden them with it.

How are you spending your holidays this year?
This year we are in the Czech Republic. We ride bikes, run in the forest, I have some golf tournaments, hosting, and most of all we enjoy our free time with our daughter, which is not available when there is kindergarten, clubs… Then it’s slowly evening and the next day again. We are outside, in the garden, in our pond and elsewhere.


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