Is Mirrionis, they threaten him with two knives and baseball bat | Cagliari

Tonight at about 3 a Cagliari, at the end of an operational intervention and some investigations, the carabinieri of the mobile radio section of the local Company have drawn under arrest in the almost flagrant nature of the crime of aggravated robbery in competition and at the same time denounced for receiving stolen goods and illegal possession of ammunition, a 42 year old Albanian resident of Cagliari, unemployed, censored, and a 27 year old from Iglesias, unemployed, known for past legal proceedings.

The soldiers operating, at about 11.10 pm, on notification received by the operations center in via Nuoro, had gone to via Is Mirrionis, where a 24-year-old from Furtei told them that, shortly before, while walking in the nearby via Trincea dei Razzi, intent on returning home, was approached by two acquaintances, one of whom he had a foreigner two folding knives respectively in the right and left hand, and an Italian who was holding a metal golf club. The two have ordered him, threatening him with their tools, to hand over to them what is in his possession. The victim then dropped a bag containing personal effects and a wallet containing 200 euros, and then fled to the nearby via Is Mirrionis, while the two criminals had headed towards via Tolmino.

The carabinieri, on the basis of the descriptions provided by the young man, managed to track down the two robbers still on the street at street number 4 in via Tolmino. During a personal and home search, the operators found, in the availability of the two perpetrators, a 22 cm long folding knife, 10 of which blade, another 13.5 cm long, 6 of which of blade, a metal golf club, as well as 2 jacketed 9 × 21 caliber cartridges, a jacketed 7.65 caliber cartridge, 4 blank 9 × 21 caliber cartridges, various material of probable stealth origin, documents and credit cards in the name of various people, various items of clothing with a price tag, a pair of shoes and 3 electric hair clippers.

During the searches, the bag containing personal belongings belonging to the robbed young man was also found which, at the offices of the operating department, was returned to its rightful owner.

Anything attributable to previous crimes has been subjected to seizure pending payment to the criminal offenses office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The two arrested were associated with the Uta prison while awaiting the validation hearing.

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