Is Kevin and Marcus’ ‘Relationship’ OK?


Ahead of the 2022 Badminton World Championships, the preparations of Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo/Marcus Fernaldi Gideon continue to be highlighted. One of them is a matter of communication between the two top players.

The problem of communication between the two can not be separated from the results of the Minions tournament which is not good enough. Especially when appearing at the Indonesia Masters and Indonesia Open 2022.

After being stopped as semifinalists at the Indonesia Masters, Kevin/Marcus failed to defend their title. They stopped in the round of 16 after losing to the South Korean pair, Kang Min Hyuk / Sei Seung Jae with a score of 14-21, 12-21 in 34 minutes.

This result is also suspected by Marcus’ performance, which is still 80 percent after undergoing surgery recovery on his ankle.

The Head of PBSI’s Achievement Development Division, Rionny Mainaky, did not dismiss the tenuous communication between the two players. However, he had spoken directly to Kevin and Marcus. He also hopes that it will not be repeated at the World Championships in Japan, on August 22-28.

“Yesterday I told Kevin, ‘Kevin, why? He said, ‘Yes, Sis like this, like this’. Then I said the important thing was to be enthusiastic and I also told him about (Marcus) Gideon. Kevin said yes,” said Rionny. to reporters at GOR Nanggala, Cijantung.

“Because in the past, under any conditions (Marcus could) move fast, he could cover left and right. Now it hurts, so he (Kevin) said he wanted Marcus to make his disposal better and more tactical.”

“Essentially, I already told you and I told Marcus the same thing. ‘You can’t think you are like before, because you have an illness. Later, if you do proper physical exercise, strengthen again, and exercise correctly, you will return to normal’,” he said.

Not without reason Rionny also said so. With Kevin/Marcus being in the top ranking and hard to beat, the opponent learns the strategy of both of them on the field.

“In the past, the opponent was afraid, now people are learning, so they have to be smarter. Both from throwing the ball, receiving service and others. If you’re stuck and Kevin wants to complain, but passes, then Marcus throws the ball well. You want that because you are a doubles player, right? The pattern is how they cover each other and move the ball. So we really have to focus more,” Rionny emphasized.

Also watch the video ‘Kevin-Marcus Absent in 3 Badminton Championships’:

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