Hailey Bieber shines in ultra-wide cargo pants and ugly sneakers

The style of the great supermodels like Hailey Bieber (when they are not on the catwalks) they also serve as perfect inspiration.

Like model and businesswoman Hailey Bieberlet’s remember when in the 90s, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell y Linda Evangelista They delighted us with their relaxed looks, running from one parade to another in the main capitals of the world.

Hailey Bieber’s cargo pants and t-shirt look

Day by day, cargo pants have become one of the basic garments more on trend. This time, Hailey decided to combine the cargo pants in a beige tone and with a black t-shirt.

Undoubtedly, it is a predominant aesthetic in the new generation of models. Nevertheless, Hailey Bieber managed to twist the look in her own way, making it look like a really cool outfit. elegant.

This summer, in Los Angeles, the 25 year old model was seen wearing a look worthy of streetwear, wearing a short black t-shirt, with her navel exposed, and some cargo pants in a neutral color, together with tennis shoes with a thick and serrated sole in black.

Hailey completed it with minimalist sunglasses that offered us a look in keeping with the Matrix aestheticswhich she pushed to the limit with earrings that featured the iconic Balenciaga logo.

A mini bag and your coffee, everything you need to conquer the world with cargo pants.

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