Great result of the adapted tennis school of Los Búhos in a national tournament in La Pampa

Three tennis players from the Los Búhos Bariloche team participated in the National Tennis Tournament for blind and visually impaired people that took place in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, between August 26 and 28. Ayelén Cionfrini was runner-up in the beginners B1 category.

They had already put together an outstanding performance at the provincial last month, and this weekend, they made their debut at the national level. From Bariloche, Ayelén Cionfrini, Lucas Sánchez and Belén Amuñanco traveled. The contest brought together 42 participants from different locations in Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Río Negro, La Pampa and Santa Cruz.

The tournament took place on Saturday throughout the day, and on Sunday until noon, when the crossovers from the quarterfinals in the B1 category and, from the semifinals, in B2, were finished.

“Our performance was quite good because we have been training for a short time. We resumed after the pandemic and we didn’t have as much training compared to other places,” said Ayelén, tournament finalist. “There are always things to improve. In my case, I had rivals of quite a high level and the games were close, especially the quarterfinals and semis”.

“In general, the tournament was very good and we enjoyed it, which was what we were going for, to continue gaining experience. This is our second tournament so more than happy for the achievements we had, and wanting to continue in this sport and keep growing and training to be able to have better and better results”.


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