Football/Ligue 2. Several ASSE players on the sidelines of collective training

Laurent Batlles has carried out his threats. “The objective is to work correctly in order to have consistency. From the moment when I will feel that some are on the tangent in relation to that, they will come out of training, ”warned the Greens coach during the internship in La Plagne, at the beginning of July.

Tuesday, a few days after the defeat in Dijon (2-1), Saturday at the opening of the 1st day of Ligue 2, several elements trained individually, on the sidelines of the group.

According to our information, Yvann Maçon and Zaydou Youssouf, replaced at the break in Burgundy, just like Denis Bouanga, on the start and expelled at the end of the meeting, did not participate in the collective session. The first two for insufficient performance, the last because he will be suspended for the reception of Nîmes, Saturday (3 p.m.).

What consequences for the meeting against Nîmes

After the defeat at Gaston-Gérard, Laurent Batlles railed against “things that (him) had displeased”. He therefore chose to restrict his workforce in order to best prepare, and with elements he considers 100% invested, the 2nd day of Ligue 2, Saturday (3 p.m.).

This decision would not be final and the three men could soon rejoin the group. Provided you display the right state of mind.



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