FC Bayern: Fans should know that – FCB switches off arena lighting! | Sports

Fans should know that |

Bayern switches off arena lighting!

FC Bayern is also masterful with this package of measures!

Russia despot Vladimir Putin (69) keeps turning off the gas supply to the West in the Ukraine war – and the Bundesliga is preparing for the threatening consequences this season.

Also at FC Bayern a huge topic! According to information from SPORT BILD, there are these changes in the Allianz Arena:

► The red exterior lighting is only switched on three hours after nightfall – no longer six as before.

► The gas-powered turf heating is switched to air-heat pumps, the electricity is supplied by solar panels installed in the arena.

► Ventilation and air conditioning throughout the stadium will be reduced (not so cold in summer, not so warm in winter).

► The boxes are only cooled or heated on days when the companies have previously announced their use.

► There is only cold water in all toilet areas!

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Bavaria’s finance boss Jan-Christian Dreesen (54/vice chairman): “In order to fulfill our ambitions in the area of ​​sustainability, we have been working for a long time in various areas to continuously reduce our energy consumption. In view of the current crisis, we have intensified these activities again.”


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