Didn’t realize Daddies had a 100 percent record in the World Championship

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Mohammad Ahsan together Hendra Setiawan will face 2022 World Championship. The following is the preparation for the interview with Ahsan.

Ahsan/Hendra have collected three World Championship titles together. They won the 2013 2015 and 2019 editions.

At the 2021 World Championships, Ahsan/Hendra and other Indonesian players were absent due to the Covid-19 pandemic spreading again. Now, Ahsan/Hendra are ready to return to perform in Tokyo, Japan, August 21-28.

How is Ahsan’s preparation for the 2022 World Championship, following’s interview with Ahsan:

How have you prepared for the World Championships so far?

The preparation is quite good, I hope to stay healthy and all preparations are smooth until the day of departure and also during the match days.

Your own body condition so far?

Yes, I take care of and manage my body the most. Most of the time there are problems in the calves and waist.

Yesterday I checked my waist, but I don’t know the results because I haven’t seen the doctor yet.

Do problems in the waist interfere with preparation and training?

This condition has always been like that. At least I take care not to get worse. If it hurts a lot, I don’t exercise. But if it just hurts, yes I can still practice.

Ahsan/Hendra entered the final several times this year but had to settle for being runner up. (Doc. PBSI)

When did the waist injury actually start?

What started to get worse in 2013, was hit during a practice in Cipayung. After that, before the 2014 Asian Games, he was injured.

From there, sometimes if you are really tired from training, you can get sick.

The World Championship is entering the 2022 edition. Did you previously think you could play in this 2022 World Championship?

Guess not think. I used to think it was just surviving, step by step. I can’t believe it’s already 2022. Yes, it’s a surprise that I can continue playing so far.

After yesterday’s Olympics, I tried to keep playing and living. The motivation is still there, including the responsibility to the sponsor.

After the Olympics, there is no retirement plan because we still want to play. I want to see how strong, to what extent, and how long I can be strong.

This year can enter the finals in India, All England, and Malaysia. What’s your comment?

Thank God it’s pretty good. But the desire to win is still there. Grateful to still be able to enter the finals this year.

Wednesday (26/2) Mohammad Ahsan practiced defense.  (CNN Indonesia/Putra Permata)Mohammad Ahsan has been suffering from a back injury for a long time. (CNN Indonesia/Putra Permata Tegar Idaman)

If you lose in the final today, will the pain still be the same as before or are you more relaxed?

Just Legowo hahaha. Our target is the semifinals, the final, if it is achieved, it’s a bonus. If you can win, then why not? That’s just the way he thinks.

In the past, there was a sense of wanting to win and wanting to win big. Even now, I still want to win, but if I lose, I’m sorry.

The important thing is that you have tried your best, not carelessly.

Ahsan/Hendra have a 100 percent record in the World Championships. How do you rate that?

Is it true? I was unconscious and not paying attention.

It was time to look briefly but not really how. Because playing is impossible to win 100 percent continuously, the opponents are also good.

What was the key to success with Hendra’s 100 percent record at the World Championships?

There is no key, we just live it. I didn’t think I could do that either.

We just live, try, and pray a lot. Just like that.

What do you remember from winning a bronze medal at the World Championships with Bona Septano?

Certainly happy because in the 2011 World Championship there were a lot of top players and we were underdogs. Turns out we can get on the podium.

At that time we were just starting our career and trying our best. Of course there is a desire to win, but the other players there are all at the top level. Thank God we were able to get on the podium.

Men's doubles silver medallists Bona Septano (L) and Mohammad Ahsan (R) of Indonesia wave on the podium during the awards ceremony at the Japan Open badminton championships in Tokyo on September 25, 2011. Top-seeded Cai Yun (L) and Fu Haifeng China won the final match 21-13, 23-21.     AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA (Photo by TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA / AFP)Ahsan/Bona won the 2011 World Championship bronze medal (AFP/TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA)

What if you lost in the 2017 World Championship final with Rian Agung?

Well, it’s really a responsibility, even though it’s just a step away, but we’ve really tried.

At that time we competed from the top 64, usually five times we could win, but in the 2017 World Championships we only reached the final round.

At that time Liu Cheng/Zhang Nan were also very good. While our game graphics have decreased. Our journey is also tough, especially in the round of 32 where we have met the first seed.

Target for the 2022 World Championship?

The target is the same as Koh Hendra said, bring a medal. Don’t know which medal, get it from there or bring it yourself later hahaha..

Actually, is there a difference in playing style between then and now?

Pretty much the same actually. The young ones are more concerned with speed and power. I used to use power and speed when I was young. But at this age, of course I can’t play like that all the time.

As for the opponent’s character, it’s more or less the same throughout the era I’ve played.

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