commitment to musical quality with free admission

After two years, the AspeSuena Festival returns this Saturday, August 6, as part of the Aspe Patron Saint Festivities and sponsored by the City Council. And it does so with the same signs of identity that have characterized it in its eight previous editions: a commitment to musical quality with free admission.

The Aspense festival, which celebrates its ninth edition, will once again feature emerging bands and others that have been consolidating themselves in recent years on the Spanish indie scene. Far from repeating the classic groups that are omnipresent in most Spanish festivals, AspeSuena bets, once again, on freshness, powerful guitars and fun for the spectator.

The festival will have the format of Afternoon, in the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium, and at Night, in the Barraca Popular venue, next to the Sports Pavilion.

At half past seven in the afternoon, Marcos Rubio-La Línea del Cielo will be in charge of opening an extensive day of fun with a DJ session. La Paloma, the group from Madrid that has been pushing hard, will be in charge of giving the first concert. And then it will be the turn of Niña Polaca, a band that has burst onto the national indie scene and will play at “home” with her guitar Sandra Sabater de Ginebras. Marcos Rubio-La Linea del Cielo will close the Tardeo, which will end at half past ten at night.

Practically continuously, the fun will move to the enclosure attached to the sports pavilion, just 500 meters from the Alfredo Kraus auditorium. Corrientes Circulares Dj Set, will begin to heat up the atmosphere until at 10:45 p.m. the Granada band Apartamentos Acapulco take the stage to delight with their powerful guitars and songs that reach the heart.

Next, the Hinds girls arrive straight to Aspe after their triumphant tour of Europe, Australia and the United States with their garage sound and catchy melodies.

Another of the most anticipated groups is Cala Vento. The Catalans will offer a review of their entire musical career and will demonstrate their special way of playing and understanding music, with intense drum and guitar sounds, which have fallen in love with the indie scene. It will be his only concert in the entire area of ​​the Spanish Southeast.

The concerts of the ninth edition of AspeSuena will be closed by the Catalan group Mujeres, the new sensation of Spanish bands, with guitars and a guaranteed party, in what is expected to be an unforgettable night.

But the Aspense festival will offer much more. From half past three in the morning and until six there will be DJ sessions, with Corrientes Circulares, Toño, resident DJ of the mythical Camelot nightclub; to close with Me & Reptiles, who will put the finishing touch to the night with a special session prepared for the occasion.

The party is guaranteed in Aspe this coming Saturday. Free and with about 12 intense hours of music. Numerous fans from all over Spain have already announced their attendance at this ninth edition of the Festival.



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