Choose these stolen gems to get an extra advantage

As your quest for a fantasy baseball championship continues, gaining that extra edge in any category is paramount to your success. This is why stolen bases are so coveted.

If you can find an advantage in flights, your improvement in the category can create a significant impact on your ranking. Specialized guys are unlikely to even be available through trade, so you have to look in unusual places — like bottom-feeding MLB teams that have no chance of making the playoffs.

Over the past two weeks, the teams with the most stolen base attempts have been the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Arizona Diamondbacks. Neither team will make the playoffs, as they continue to audition players for future seasons, they are taking far more risks in their attempts to win games and play spoilers.

Despite being on an inferior diet with the Diamondbacks, Jake McCarthy has been a hidden gem for fantasy baseball managers.
Photo de Todd Kirkland/Getty Images



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