“But what are you doing during the off-season? »

Rudy Gobert does he spend his summers at the beach resting, without training and playing basketball? This is the theory of Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas et Chris Johnsonthe former NBAers, who cut the French pivot during an episode of “No Chill with Gilbert Arenas”

Tracy McGrady: There’s something I wonder: what are you doing in the offseason? Like, what’s the training you do? I was so mad at Rudy the year they played the Rockets. There was Chris Paul defending on him in the low post. I was furious. He couldn’t do anything. Nothing ! Dude, you’re 2m18 and a playmaker is defending on you. He had no moves. No move.

Gilbert Arenas: When you can’t shoot in your first season and 10 years later you still can’t shoot: what do you do in the summer? When you go to the gym, do you just run, do bodybuilding? What do you do ? (laugh)

Chris Johnson: He probably doesn’t go to the gym, because the best go to the gym.

Tracy McGrady: Rebound drills, block drills. No skills in attack. I am flabbergasted.

Gilbert Arenas: I would not pass the ball to one of my teammates who is not going to the gym. If I go to train from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and you don’t come, believe me, you won’t have the ball during the matches (laughs).

Coming from T-Mac and Agent 0 whose work ethic was beyond questionable and who were poor defenders, and who didn’t progress in this area during their career, it’s quite funny.



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