Broady explodes against Djokovic for not giving up the US Open

The presence of Novak Djokovic in the list of tennis players registered for the US Open despite the fact that he will almost certainly not be able to play the tournament Not being vaccinated has sparked outrage among several of the tennis players who are playing for their presence in the final table in the tournament preview.

One of the tennis players who plays the qualifier, Liam Broady, has complained in recent hours on social networks about the fact that Djokovic is harming a tennis player who, due to his refusal to resign, must play the qualifier to find his place in the final frame. “There should be a rule against late retirement at Grand Slams when you know you’re not going to play. It’s really tough for the No. 1 seed in Grand Slam qualifiers to see players he knows aren’t going to play on the main draw roster and still have to make it through qualifiers.”

Broady also wanted to point out critics of his claim who say move up the rankings instead of complaining. “I think it’s crazy that people’s response is: ‘rank up.’ When the person who starts as the first favorite in the previous one is the one with the highest ranking but a ‘lucky loser’ with any ranking could take the place of that abandonment? Where is your logic, people?

Taberner and Pol Martín, affected

Two Spanish tennis players have been directly affected by Novak Djokovic’s refusal to give up being registered in the US Open despite the fact that he will not be able to play the tournament.

The first of them is Carlos Taberner, who is playing the preliminary round of the US Open, and who started as the third alternative tennis player on the reserve list after Jack Sock (who entered the draw due to the resignation of Reilly Opelka), and JJ Wolf, who could enter the final frame with an invitationso in case Djokovic does not appear in the draw, the Spaniard would keep his place.

The other Spaniard affected by Djokovic’s refusal to give up the US Open is Pol Martín, who would have played the previous round if the next tennis player in reserve who had replaced Djokovic had entered the final draw in the final frame before last Tuesday.


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