Borregos Puebla open a gap in college basketball – El Sol de Puebla

A preseason with games against the University of Kentucky and the NBA Academy Latin America are already putting the spotlight on the Sheep from ITESM in Puebla ahead of the 2022-2023 season of the Student Basketball Association (ABE).

But more importantly, they open the doors to competitiveness for Mexican college basketball, according to the woolly coach and former national team player Enrique Zuniga.

Yes, the Sheep from ITESM in Puebla are the note in basketball in the country in recent days and within a region where by results they are generally overshadowed by the Eagles of the UPAEP or the UDLAP Aztecsbut due to the preparation games announced and held in recent days they have shaken the roost.

Although not all have valued in a good way what was done by the ITESM in Pueblasince, according to Zúñiga, the detractors continue without considering the most important thing achieved by the woolly ones during the last days, the growth, “Well, to become number one you need to face better than you and we have had the opportunity to do it in the last two weeks”Zúñiga explains in an interview for El Sol de Puebla.

Zúñiga, escort graduated from the Grand Canyon Universitythe same where the NBA recruited Horacio Llamas in the late 1990s through the Phoenix Suns, although he has benefited the Phoenix basketball program through his connections. ITESM in Pueblanow boasts the intention of establishing a bridge to agree on more games between Mexican and American schools in the immediate future.

“It is true that we sent the ABE a message with this preparation. But not only for these games are they going to give us the league”, he comments. “But beyond this opportunity, we are unintentionally paving the way for college basketball for USA so that there is the possibility that in the future others will go or they will come, the question is to look for it with the aim of making our game grow, ”adds the current coach.

Los Sheepaccording to Zúñiga, despite having fallen 102-40 and appearing “ridiculous” for many, they achieved good comments from people from the coach of the Wilcats de Kentucky, John Caliparithree times coach of the year within the NCAA and collegiate champion.

“Today we are definitely a long way from the game of the level I universities of the USA; however, the team was clear that they had to stick to their game plan against Kentucky, compete one on one forgetting the score and so they did. In the end, Calipari approached and recognized the team’s discipline because despite being far behind on the board, he always showed order and zero desperation”, Zúñiga participates.

After Kentucky to Sheep Puebla The NBA Academy Latin America arrives on Saturday and at home, where the woolly coach hopes his pupils take another step to compete in the “speed of play”, the great difference, as he judges, between the North American teams with those of the rest of the world. planet.

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