Boards! Santa Fe did everything to win, but did not pass the draw against America


Santa Fe: Leandro Castellanos; José Aja, Geisson Perea, Carlos Sánchez, Neyder Moreno (José Enamorado 65′), Matias Mier, Wilfrido de la Rosa (Dylan Prieto 78′), Harold Rivera, Kevin Mantilla and Dairon Mosquera.
Coach: Alfred Arias.

America: Joel Graterol; Esneyder Mena (David Lemos 86′), Marlon Torres, John García, Elvis Mosquera (Brayan Vera 46′); Kevin Andrade (Eber Moreno 46′), Juan Portilla, Carlos Sierra; Deiver Quiñones (Daniel Hernández 80′), Gianfranco Peña (Alejandro Quintana 63′) and Adrián Ramos.
Coach: Alexandre Guimaraes.

Goals: Min. 45 Carlos Sierra (AME) 0-1, Min. 64 José Aja (SFE) 1-1.

Warned: Elvis Mosquera (AME), Wilson Morelo (SFE), John García (AME), Dairon Mosquera (SFE), Joel Graterol (AME), Carlos Sánchez (SFE), Juan Portilla (AME),

Referee: Diego Escalante.

Estadio: The Campin.

key moments

13 & # 39; He was saved by a miracle! Matías Mier took a free kick and the ball deflected off the wall before crashing into the left post.

21 & # 39; He was missing a little! Morelo arrived free at the point of the penalty, but could not connect with the center and Graterol anticipated him.

32 & # 39; What a hit! Matías Mier took a free kick and the ball hit the outside of the net.

40 & # 39; Again Moreno! Great collective play by Santa Fe that ends with a shot on goal and Graterol excelled by taking the ball to the corner kick.

45′ America’s goal! Sierra won a header in the area and the ball went in to give the ‘mechita’ the advantage.

47′ What an attitude Neyder! Moreno kept looking for his goal, he finished off from mid-range and the ball went very close to the crossbar.

50′ Very close Mier! Another free kick that Graterol demanded.

56 ‘He had it from the Rose! Great counterattack from Santa Fe that ended with a shot from the striker and Graterol won heads-up.

77′ Lack of aim! He hit the second post with his right leg and the ball went too close.

match development

The first part had a single owner: Independiente Santa Fe. Those led by Alfredo Arias had all the options to go up on the scoreboard and between Graterol and the lack of aim, America’s goal remained zero. The high pressure of the ‘cardinal’ cast forced the ‘scarlet’ team to retreat several meters and they could not get out of the siege. Only in some passages did they manage to get out of the pressure and tried to send crosses to Adrián Ramos, but the balls did not reach the scorer cleanly.

However, in the only dangerous play that América had with a free kick from the side, he made Sierra anticipate his mark and hit a clean header to beat Leandro Castellanos that he could not do anything to stop the auction and America went to the locker room with the minimum advantage.

In the second half, the team led by Alexandre Guimaraes tried to propose more and to have possession of the ball, although the script remained practically the same as in the first half with a rather offensive attitude from Santa Fe, highlighting Neyder’s good play Moreno, who always tried to score, either from mid-distance or in collective plays. Santa Fe tied the match in the 64th minute through José Aja, who won an aerial duel and sent the ball to save.

The other great figure of the commitment was the goalkeeper Graterol, who took out all kinds of balls and avoided the second fall of his goal. In the end, the game ended in a draw, with Santa Fe deserving a little more, but football is measured in goals and both teams did not go beyond 1-1.

On the next date, Santa Fe will visit Pereira and America will receive Águilas Doradas.



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