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There is always someone who becomes a beacon illuminating the dark night, and works silently on the road of cultivating talents. Coaches play such a role in baseball. On August 10, the 2022 Beijing Baseball Association and MLB FIRST PITCH “Baseball Enlightenment” coaches training course came to a successful conclusion. In this training class, the MLB senior coaching team helped out and brought a wonderful “baseball enlightenment” coaching training to the students.

Rick Dell, general manager of MLB Asia-Pacific baseball development, has rich experience in baseball coaching and coaching training. This time, he brought international teaching concepts, methods and innovative ideas to the students. It shared the influence of the coaches on the players’ future learning and life and several key technical points in baseball training.

Zhang Baoshu, the head coach of the MLB Baseball Development Center, used practical cases to describe how the coaches should get along with the players better, so that the students benefited a lot. Kevin Johnson and Liu Longpeng, the coaching team of the MLB Baseball Development Center, shared the method of entertaining, teaching students how to teach baseball knowledge through various forms of baseball games and how to arouse children’s interest, etc. Wait.

Through this training and exchange, many students have expressed that they are very helpful for future teaching.Liang Ning from Aiyou Baseball and Softball Club said, “For this training, MLB brought top coaches and consultants in the baseball circle, and learned a lot from it. The training activities were arranged reasonably and the atmosphere was full. Everyone actively exchanged opinions and ideas. Suggestion, it was a great one for meofExperience and look forward to more exciting activities. ” Cao Shan from Orion Baseball Club said: “Through learning and communication, I feel that MLB is more important for the baseball atmosphere of enlightenment education. The step mentioned by coach Kevin Johnson, I think it will be more helpful for me in the future teaching. Thank you MLB for the activities, valuable learning experience. “

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How to make the course more exciting and attractive is the pursuit of all baseball coaches. It is hoped that the students will continue to shine in baseball teaching with the harvest of this training. MLB will continue to work with many parties to help the training of baseball coaches, convey the spirit of baseball, and convey the infinite love for baseball. The fire of sports passed on by the coaches will surely become a prairie prairie and help the future of baseball.

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