Belgian fan of the junior raps on video with the ultras of Standard de Liège

As if it were an international musical participation of the ‘urban’ genre, a Belgian fan of Junior is causing a furor in the digital world.

A video that circulates on social networks allows you to see the talent of the young man who takes the microphone and jumps on the stage while hugging other club fans who are part of the musical group.

The ‘Juniorista’ joins the chants of the fans of Standard de Liège (Belgium), while they celebrate and share in a small concert.

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Video of a Belgian rapper with a T-shirt from Junior with the ultras of Standard de Liège

The Twitter user @leonarbolivarb shared the images in which the man is seen with the shirt of the ‘Currambha’ team launching the lyrics in French with the Belgian ultras:

Of course, the fans of the ‘Tiburón’ did not miss the opportunity to ‘enjoy’ the appearance of the currambero rapper:



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