Basketball. Liofilchem ​​Roseto with a new corporate structure: here are all the new roles


(wn24) -Roseto – The company Pallacanestro Roseto, with a view to optimizing the specific and transversal skills of its organization chart, has redistributed some roles and consequent tasks and, for some specific roles, has defined new ones.

In this sense, after confirming Ernesto Ciafardoni to the Presidency, Pio Di Emidio was appointed in the role of General Manager, who last season had held that of Team Manager, while Gabriele De Marcellis, Fip Abruzzo Regional Councilor since 2020 and currently in office , regional manager 3 × 3 Abruzzo, organization manager for the youth sector Roseto Sharks from 2016 to 2021, will have the task of “inaugurating” the figure of the Secretary General within the corporate structure.

New figures, however, as regards the roles of Sports Director, will be covered by Alessio Di Francesco, who will also assume the presidency of the newly formed company Pallacanestro Roseto Academy, created to manage and coordinate the activities of the youth sector, and Team Manager, that this year will see the debut in his new career outside the pitch of Antonello Ruggiero, undisputed captain and beloved by all of the Roseto Basketball.
Summarizing this is the framework of the organizational structure of the Roseto Basketball sports area: President: Ernesto Ciafardoni General Director: Pio Di Emidio General Secretary: Gabriele De Marcellis Sports Director: Alessio Di Francesco Team Manager: Antonello Ruggiero President Pallacanestro Roseto Academy: Alessio Di Francesco



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