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Eight associations contribute

WORKHOVEN/ODIJK/BUNNIK On Wednesday 17 August it is time for the annual Bunnik Games. The neighborhood sports coaches are fully preparing for this event. This year eight top associations have been found that want to contribute to the children within the Municipality of Bunnik. The Bunnikse Games guarantees a fun, playful day, but also informative practical clinics so that children can make their choice of sport easier. Find out in this article which eight associations will participate. It is intended for children aged 4 to 12 years.

Mieke Hansen-Hilhorst

The Bunnik Games will be kicked off in advance with a real sports show. A great spectacle is made of it. The eight associations are highlighted below. A nice surprise has been added to the last announcement. Read on quick.

PRESENT Kick-off is with the BC Krommerijnstreek association. This fanatical badminton club is participating for the first time this year and will certainly convince us with a nice clinic. Badminton you may know from playing at the campsite, but the sport has more than that. Our second association is a recurring phenomenon, the Driebergse Pink Panthers. They are going to set up an extensive rugby clinic again this year. They were there for the first time last year and it was a great success.

COSY The third association is the fanatical dance ladies of Danzation, who also return with a diverse range of dance options. HV Celeritas is the fourth association to participate in the Bunnik games, this nice handball association is the nicest handball association in Bunnik, so that should be fine.

SPELL After an absence of one year, the top tennis players from Bunnik (One2Tennis) are back for a nice clinic, very curious with what they will surprise us all with. The sixth association are the volleyball players of VC Kromme Rijn! Besides that they will be busy with their beach volleyball tournament on August 27, they fortunately still have time left for the Bunnik games. The seventh association that participates are the people of Loopgroep Bunnik, they come up with the best running games! They also promote the Bunniks Mooiste (running race) event on September 3. Children and adults can participate in this.

FREESTYLE Last but not least we have SVO Krommerijnstreek, this super cool girls’ football club comes back every year with a smashing clinic, this year even with football freestylers. At this clinic you will not only learn how to play football through SVO Krommerijnstreek, but also great tips and tricks from Street Skills freestylers. They are the top of the Netherlands.

FREE These associations will do everything they can to make the Bunnik Games on Wednesday 17 August a great success. It will take place from 9.30am to 1pm at the latest. All clinics are at the fields of SV Odijk on the rear artificial grass field. The whole morning is free to attend for children aged 4 to 12 years. After the event, all children will receive a beautiful certificate to take home, which contains various vouchers from the participating associations. Then you can try out a few more times for free after the Bunnik Games at one or more clubs that were present.

New neighborhood sports coach Gento Wijngaard: ,,I have been in contact with every association and I hear so many fun games and other activities. This can’t help but make it super fun. We are excited!”

SIGN UP You can still register to this day! This can be done via or via the QR code. Need more information? Check out the website of Bunnik Beweegt:

Will they see your son or daughter at the Bunnik Games on 17 August? Until then!



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