A silver and a bronze in the compound and a silver in the Olympic, this is the booty of Italy in Bucharest on the day of the individual finals of the European Youth Cup. This morning the students Lorenzo Gubbini and Andrea Nicole Moccia won a silver and a bronze , in the afternoon Ginevra Landi climbed to the second step of the podium. Today’s victories are added to the six team podiums and to the mixed tea podium won in recent days, so the Italians close the trip to Romania with 10 medals (1 gold, 7 silvers, 2 bronzes) in fourth place in the medal table for Nations led by France (10 golds, 3 silvers, 3 bronzes) ahead of Holland (3 golds, 1 silver, 2 bronzes) and Israel (2 golds, 2 bronzes).

THE BLUE INDIVIDUAL FINALS – Geneva Land she won the silver by surrendering only in the final against the French Victoria Sebastian in the Junior Olympic. The blue starts with the handbrake on, losing the first set 27-22, drawing the second 28-28 and losing the third 28-16 again. At that point she has a mountain in front of her, she tries to climb it by winning the fourth volley 26-24, but it is not enough because the transalpine closes the accounts in the last set 26-19 and takes home the match 7-3.

Fourth place instead for Matte Bilisari after a long and hard-fought challenge with the German Domenic Merkel. The blue starts better and goes to 4-0 (28-27, 29-27), but the opponent never leaves the game and anzai manages to recover 6-4 winning all the remaining sets 29-29, 29-25 and 27-26.

Lorenzo goes a few centimeters from the gold Gubbini among the compound students. The Italian archer faces Shamai Yamrom in a beautiful match, with the first set ending 30-29 for the Israeli, the next two 29-29 and the third which gives Gubbini a draw (29-28). The last three arrows do not change the history of the match (29-29), so we go to the shoot off on the result of 145-145, the two archers both hit 9 but Yamrom’s arrow is closer to the center and so for the ‘blue comes the silver medal.

No podium instead for Fabrizio Aloisi who loses the final for the bronze against the British Jay Saunderson 145-136. The match remains in balance for the first two halves closed 30-30 and 28-27 for the archer from Great Britain who then accelerates, takes a full four points advantage in the third volley won 27-23 and then never misses a shot. inserting two 30s that close the way to the blue medal.

In the women’s competition, always of the Allievi Compunds, the final for the bronze is all Italian and sees the victory of Andrea Nicole Moccia on Michelle Maria Bombard 136-135. The winner goes down 29-28, then overtakes with a 28-25, an advantage that will last until the end because Bombarda gnaws only one point in the third volley (27-26) and the others finish equal 28-28 and 26-26.

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