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After two days of activity, the ik kyu (coffee) belt change exam was a complete success, where the twelve students of the González Judo Dojo passed the test and achieved the belt change, an event endorsed by the State Judo Association. and it took place in the aforementioned gymnasium facilities.

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With the indicated, the twelve students of the Judo González, obtained their change from blue to brown belt, to be placed in a soon future examination to black belt, this thanks to their correct application within the different tests in which this exchange consists.

It is worth remembering that to carry out this exam, the resumes of the twelve applicants were presented to the State Judo Association, which were endorsed and with this, they were able to have the right to exhibit their learning and be able to change from blue belt to brown belt.

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The exchange consists of the applicants demonstrating techniques, these being 40 of projection, immobilization, strangulation, dislocation, combination and counterattack, where the Parralenses showed their great sports capacity acquired in this discipline.

The event and the examination began on Saturday, August 5, with the review of the 70 techniques, in total, where the different aspects or failures that could occur are shown, and on Sunday, August 6, the sample in action was held. of all knowledge, student by student, where the twelve young people managed to pass this test and reach their goal of jumping from blue to brown belt.

Those in charge of giving the endorsement of the change were; German Calvo, director of state grades and the president of the State Judo Association, sensei Fernando García.

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With what was said, the 12 Judo González athletes passed their exam correctly and with it, they achieved the degree of ik kyu, brown belt, which is the prelude to the black belt, which they will be able to present in the coming years.

Given which, Gabriel González, coach of these young people, is proud to see his students grow in this beautiful sport.

The students who achieved this degree are Fernanda Gonzalez, Jael Alheli Lopez, Victoria Sauceda, Rocio Juarez, Sergio Baylon, Luis Rodriguez, Jan Rincon, Jahir Rincon, Eduardo Candia, Enrique Candia, Mario Valdez and Sebastian Gonzalez.

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USE: Undoubtedly, these twelve young people with a great career in this beautiful sport, take another big step in their sports discipline, by becoming the new brown belt athletes in Parral.



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