Alcaraz and a historical fact in his 100 ATP matches

The Spaniard continues to surprise with his numbers achieved. Alcaraz is the player who has achieved the most victories at the ATP level by reaching the first 100 games played.

Carlos Alcaraz is running out of adjectives. At 19 years old, he has become the tennis player with the most wins in his first 100 ATP matches played. Alcaraz of those games played has managed to emerge victorious in 75 of them. Alcaraz has won on all surfaces and he has shown that he is capable of adapting to everything.

Next on this list is the American Andy Roddick, who managed to win 73 of those first 100 ATP matches. McEnroe is next on the list with 72 and an Argentine tennis legend like Jose Luis Clerc is next with 71. Then there is a tie between big names as they have been Chang, Wilander, Agassi and Tsonga.

It is surprising that the members of the `Big 4´ those famous Nadal, Djokovic, Federer y Murray Despite their great individual careers, they are quite far from this record of Alcaraz comparing the victories in those first 100 ATP matches. Nadal left his figures in 67 games won, for Djokovic’s 65 and Murray’s 63. The one with the worst records of the four is Federer, who with 51 wins is only a little above 50% of the wins in his first 100 games.

Carlos Alcaraz also in those 100 wins has managed to reign five times. The first title was Umag 2021 and already in 2022 it was confirmed to the world with its successes. A dream season reigning in Rio Janeiro, Masters 1000 Miami, Barcelona and Masters 1000 Madrid. At only 19 years old, he has reached number four in the men’s ranking, although his ambitions are much greater and he is called to mark another era in the world of tennis.



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