Adidas sneakers in trendy colors that go with everything

In relation to the tennis in trendwe fall into the same limitations as with clothes: ‘I don’t like floral prints’, ‘I would never wear a shirt dress’, ‘I can’t wear things of that color’.

We all have those beliefs that hold us back, maybe it’s due to a comment someone made to us many years ago or a bad photo on Instagram. But of course it can also come from the trust of know what is going and what is not with your Personal style. The line between owning an aesthetic and always narrowing your fashion horizons can be a fine one.

The return of retro sneakers

Kate Moss in Paris, 1993. Geoff Wilkinson/Shutterstock.

For me, sneakers have always been a type of shoe with which I have had problems. Like many, I spent my twenties trying different aestheticsadopting certain looks and discarding others, and came to the conclusion that I liked my style to feel ‘polished’, so the sportsweartorn fabrics, worn sneakers and so on, they should no longer be part of my closet. It was then that the Gazelle model came into my life.

The rage for some tennis in trend It’s nothing new, but it didn’t take me long to fight against the chunky sole sneakers and with logos.

But what happened to me with the trend of vintage tennis or, more specifically, what happened to the Adidas Gazelle? Everything that was on my mind changed.



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