2022 World Championship – Thai Magic Boy Spell at Host’s Last Life in Emergency

Raphael Sachetat/BADMINTON PHOTO

Thailand’s men’s singles, Kunlavut Vitidsarn when appearing in the second round of the 2022 World Championship, Wednesday (24/8/2022)

BOLASPORT.COM – As the host of the 2022 World Championship, Japan left only one ammunition in the men’s singles number in the third round through Kenta Nishimoto.

The Japanese men’s singles players began to fall when the 2022 World Championship entered the second round on Wednesday (24/8/2022).

Of the three ammunition that appeared in Tokyo Metropolitan, Japan, they were only able to pass one representative to fight in the third round of the 2022 World Championship.

The two Japanese men’s singles who failed to advance to the next round were Kodai Naraoka and former world badminton king Kento Momota.

Starting from Kento Momota, he again failed to meet the expectations of the public himself after being defeated by India’s men’s singles Prannoy HS

The men’s singles, ranked second in the world, lost two straight games 17-21, 16-21 to Prannoy in 54 minutes.

In addition to Kento Momota’s defeat, the danger signal for the host men’s singles came from the failure of Kodai Naraoka.

The player who had beaten Indonesia’s men’s singles Jonatan Christie at the Singapore Open 2022 could not do much.

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