Yawning! Real Spain distributes a boring goalless draw visiting Real Estelí for the first leg of the Concacaf League preliminary


FINISHED: Real Esteli 0-0 Real Spain

If you didn’t see it, you didn’t miss anything. The Indepencencia stadium witnessed a boring goalless draw between the Royal Spain from Honduras visiting the Real Esteli of Nicaragua.

The only positive was the final result, since the preliminary key will close next Thursday at the Morazán stadium where the winner will advance to the round of 16 of the Concacaf League and will be the rival of Cartaginés, current champion of Costa Rica.

– The actions –

What about the game in Estelí? Disappointing. There are no more adjectives to describe the null game that took place in a synthetic field to which the professor’s squad did not join, failing in their mission to deepen the attack and bring danger to the rival goal, as they finished off between the three posts until minute 83 ‘.

The Tren del Norte started the game quite intensely, with discreet shots at the hands of the black-and-white goalkeeper Luis Lopezhowever, “Buba” ended up being another spectator who gawked when observing a machine without oil that today, to the surprise of many, started the match without its top references such as Jhow Benavídez and Ramiro Rocca.

The absence of creativity in the aurinegros elements in the first chapter was notable, since the protagonist was the hole that emerged from the heart of the field in the absence of a setter.

A strange 4-4-2 was present at the start and the swing of the ball in the aurinegro field was constant. They didn’t know where to grab or what to do to break the rows of pinoleras. That’s what the first part of the match was about.

Jhow entered the second half with Darixon Vuelto, and the improvement was little or nothing, because his contributions were more desire than anything else.

Roccawho will not play in the next four league games (suspension), entered at game time and the dynamism of the Machine leaned towards aerial centers that culminated in rejections by the pinolera defense that at least withstood the unbeaten performance of its goal, important for the tiebreaker criteria in visiting goals.

From there, nothing more. Coach Hector Vargas He was lucky not to be surprised against a Nicaraguan team that the only times they have eliminated a Honduran team in international tournaments, they did so without having to win.

Real Esteli will visit the sampedrano bunker next Thursday at 4:00 pm. In December 2020, they eliminated Motagua in this same competition by drawing 2-2 and winning on penalties. In 2003, he hit the Machine in a tournament UNCAF thanks to visiting goals after tying the aggregate. He made both hits in catracho territory

It should be remembered that before the second leg, the Royal Spain will debut in the National League this Sunday against the Lobos of the UPNFM in Morazán.

The last and only time Royal Spain he was a representative in the Concacaf League in 2018. The professors competed after having been champions of the 2017 Apertura tournament and finishing second in the accumulated table.

However, the ‘Machine’ could not against Tauro de Panamá in a double match for the round of 16 and their participation was short-lived.


9+3′: THE END TO TORTURE! Without rushing or emotions, Real España drew a goalless draw at Real Estelí for the first leg of the Concacaf League preliminary. The return will be next Thursday at Morazán.


89′: Change in Real Spain: Heeyrel Saravia enters in place of the injured Gerson Chavez.

88′: BOMBSHELL! From far away, Buba López bagged the first shot on Estelí’s goal in the second half.

82′: ¡AL FIN! Medium-distance shot by Luis Garrido that the goalkeeper César Salandía demanded. Real España’s first shot on goal in the entire match.

80’: We reached the final stretch of the match and in the Independencia stadium there is everything but a show. Vuelto has tried to spice it up from the right, but everything remains with good intentions.

75’: In the absence of a quarter of the game, Real Spain continues without finishing between the three posts of the Nicaraguan goal.

70’: Left back Óscar Acevedo wins the yellow card after slapping Darixon Vuelto in the face. New opportunity at set pieces for the Machine.

68′: Change in Real Spain: Carlos Bernárdez enters for Junior Lacayo.

64′: Yellow! Kevin Álvarez is booked after knocking down little Henry García while he was heading for the goal.

60′: Change in Real Spain: Pedro Báez leaves and Ramiro Rocca enters. In Estelí, Douglas Cáe leaves and Henry García enters.

56: SO CLOSE! Closed free kick by Jhow Benavídez that goes through the entire area, but nobody could deflect it towards the goal.

55’: Since it doesn’t happen on the pitch, I take this opportunity to inform you that the away goal DOES exist in this competition in a given case of a tie on aggregate at the end of the tie.

50’: Same dynamic in Estelí. The aurinegros fail to deepen before a good standing nica in the rear defense.

46’: Changes at Real España: Yeison Mejía and “Chapetilla” Mejía leave for Jhow Benavídez and Darixon Vuelto.

END THE FIRST HALF! It takes its toll on Héctor Vargas not to play with a point guard and Real España is getting a very poor 0-0 at Real Estelí’s house. THE MACHINE HAS NOT FINISHED BETWEEN THE THREE POSTS!

45′: TWO MORE! Two minutes of discount are added for the end of this boring first half!

42’: Another shoe to the clouds! Captain Josué Quijano ends the danger of the premises with a deflected bombardment. Estelí has ​​once again taken center stage in attack.

40’: Real Estelí continues to be animated with lateral projections that, although they culminate in only approximations, is more than what the Machine has done so far.

37: Away! Real Estelí steals after a long rival possession and their attack culminates in a shot well off the goal by Buba López.

35’: We still haven’t played anything at all at the Independencia stadium in Estelí… very poor construction of the game by the Honduran team. The Nicas dedicate themselves to waiting and counterattacking.

30’: We arrived at half an hour and the process of the game remains the same: rough. Real Spain, with few ideas in attack.

26’: New admonished in the Machine. Getsel Montes bathes in yellow after an aerial foul on striker Douglas Caé. Luis Garrido also earns the card for protesting.

25’: First half of the match. Little football so far. 63% of the ball for Real Estelí, 27% for Real España.

20: Tempers heat up at the Independencia! Footman’s slap to Marvin Freightwho faces the Spanish player and both end up admonished.

18’: Kick to Júnior Lacayo and another free kick, now from midfield, for Real España, who continue without making any major danger in attack.

16’: Another attempt by the Machine from set pieces. From 30 meters away, Yeison Mejía shoots close to the left corner of goalkeeper César Salandia.

13’: From the left wing, Kevin Álvarez’s free kick was lousy and the play ended in a local counterattack.

12′: YELLOW! Yeison Mejía gains in speed and when he scored the ball, central defender Cristian Gutiérrez committed a reckless tackle that ended in a warning. First attacking opportunity for Real España from a set piece.

10’: The aurinegro start has been very weak. The Tren del Norte has been very aggressive and intense in its marking and the Machine cannot generate play. Without Jhow, there is a ‘hole’ in midfield.

5′: BUG’S DREAM! The Nicaraguans start the match with great danger. Alex Da Costa slips into the area and shoots towards the Spanish goalkeeper who saves a great opportunity for the locals.

4’: Another header from Estelí that Buba López saves without any problems.

3’: Aggressive entry to the aurinegro striker Pedro Baez from the central defender Cristian Gutiérrez. The Guatemalan center-back José Fuentes did not point out an infraction.

25’s: The locals start aggressive with a frontal shot at the hands of goalkeeper Luis “Buba” López.

GET THE PARTY STARTED! Real Estelí and Real España are already playing the preliminary first leg at the Independencia Stadium to enter the round of 16 of the Concacaf League.

8:00 PM: TEAMS OUT ON THE FIELD! La Maquina releases its new home jersey with the classic gold and black stripes. The “Tren del Norte” will wear red and white.

7:55 PM: TODAY IS THE BIG NIGHT! Real Spain returns to Concacaf. In moments he will start playing against Real Estelí from Nicaragua.

Royal Spain faces tonight (8:00 pm) Real Estelí at the Independencia de Nicaragua stadium for the first leg of the preliminary phase of the 2022 Concacaf League.



Real Esteli: Cesar Salandía; Marvin Fletess, Óscar Acevedo, Josué Quijano, Cristian Gutiérrez; José Ortiz, Alex Chander, Fabian Monserrat; Douglas Cae, Pablo Gallego, Ewerton Bezerra.

Royal Spain: Luis “Buba” Lopez; Kevin Alvarez, Getsel Mountains, Devron Garcia, Franklin Flowers; Luis Garrido, Gerson Chavez, Yeison Mejia, Carlos Mejia; Junior Lacayo, Peter Baez.

*Substitutes: Michael Perelló (goalkeeper), José Alejandro Reyes, Jhow Benavídez, Darixon Vuelto, Carlos Bernárdez, Ramiro Rocca, Heyreel Saravia.

Without Ramiro Rocca, Real Spain debuts in Nicaragua for the 2022 Concacaf League. PHOTO: RCDE


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