Will the Argentine continue in the best basketball in the world?

The future of Facundo Campazzo in the NBA is unknown. Thus, while he waits to define where he will play next season, the Cordovan wears the shirt of the Argentine National Team heading to the 2023 World Cup. On Sunday, Néstor García’s men beat Panama with a Do with intractable. And his great performance resonated even in the United States.

Campazzo ended his contract with the Denver Nuggets on Friday, June 30, and became a free agent. Now, the point guard can freely negotiate to join any team in the world, although his goal would be to continue in the most competitive league in the world. For that, it is very important that he continues to attract the attention of basketball heavyweights. In this, Twitter was a key factor.

And it is that one of the great figures of the NBA, such as Trae Young, was in charge of praising the Cordovan through his social networks, and the users exploded. Atlanta Hawks point guard shared on his Twitter a video of Campazzo and a fantasy play against the Panamanians, and added: “This man is really on another level”.

In the video in question, you could see the point guard with a past in the Nuggets starring in a luxurious ‘no look’ assist for Carlos Delfino, who would end up crowning the play with a triple. The definition of the santafesino was exquisite, but the cameras went with Campazzo. Young was driven mad by the play. Will he take it to Atlanta?

And much of the virality of this `tweet´ has to do with the intervention of the Argentines, who broke a publication that already accumulates more than 15 mil likes y 800 retweets. Regarding the comments, the request is unanimous. They all ask the leader of the Hawks to take Facu to the Eastern Conference of the NBA.

If there is no doubt about something, it is that the 23-year-old point guard was exploited by the notifications. Young is very active on social networks, as well as very controversial, and rarely praises a colleague like he did with Facundo Campazzo. This publication, added to the rumors that the Hawks They could add a new base, they excite the entire national basketball team.

Campazzo continues to break it under the orders of Néstor García. (AP Photo/Arnulfo Franco)

“It’s not normal for the whole court to stick to me”

Just as now he follows it through the networks, at the time, Trae Young was able to enjoy Facu Campazzo from a privileged position. And it is that during the two seasons that he lived in the NBA, the Cordovan had to face Young on more than one occasion. The most remembered was in March 2021 when he completely annulled the point guard of the Hawks.

On that occasion, it was a victory for the Nuggets, in a match where Do with He added 28 minutes, in which he accumulated a rebound, five assists and six points. But beyond the statistics, the Córdoba native was superb, and it was also enough to drive the Texan crazy, who never knew how to meet the best version of him.

Against the Hawks, Facu experienced one of the great nights of his career.  (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

Against the Hawks, Facu experienced one of the great nights of his career. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

“He’s a good player. He’s a player who has made it to the NBA and has made an impact on Denver’s defense. He knows a lot about basketball. He marked me all the way down the pitch, which is unusual for me. He has a lot of merit in his team’s defensive success,” Young commented when analyzing Campazzo in dialogue with journalist Leonardo Torres.

Thus, Young made it clear that his admiration for the Cordovan is not a matter of a few highlights far from it, but he was able to appreciate his defensive capacity in high-flying games and on more than one occasion. That night, the Texas native closed: “He is one of the most underrated point guards in the NBA.

Trae Young, once again, praised Facundo Campazzo.  (EFE/EPA/ERIK S. LESSER)

Trae Young, once again, praised Facundo Campazzo. (EFE/EPA/ERIK S. LESSER)

In this way, one of the most important players in the league winks at Campazzo in the midst of this dream of continuing in the NBA. The truth is that for now there is nothing concrete. Only while waiting to define his future, Facu continues to break it with the National Team jacket.


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