Why doesn’t the angry swearing go away? Two national championships after graduating from spokon … Analysis by a youth baseball manager | Full-Count

The guidance policy of the Taga Youth Baseball Club is to balance fun and strength with “victory idealism.”

The decline in the baseball population cannot be stopped. One of the reasons children and parents avoid baseball is the angry swearing of leaders and some parents. Achieving both fun and strength The sixth theme of the series directed by Masato Tsuji of the elementary school baseball team “Taga Shonen Baseball Club,” which advocates “victory idealism,” is “the reason why angry swearing does not go away.” Director Tsuji says that the number of members has increased dramatically since the team policy was changed to “de-spokon”.

The “Taga Youth Baseball Club” in Taga Town, Shiga, has won the national championship in 2018 and 2019. Director Tsuji’s team policy is “The most fun in the world! The strongest in the world!”. We are devising ways to develop the thinking ability of athletes and practice independently. Manager Tsuji complains to some leaders who are still trying to raise players with angry swearing.

“If you scold the player loudly and get better, I’ll do it too. If not, it’s a waste of energy. You should think about how to communicate and what you practice. The leader of our team Raising your voice is when you want your children to play baseball comfortably. If you become a member of society and get scolded by your seniors and bosses in a loud voice, will your work get better? If so, I think it’s better not to make a loud voice to the child. Sometimes people say that scolding is different from getting angry, but it’s the same for the recipient. “

In the last 10 years or so, the baseball population has declined significantly. It has been pointed out that the negative image of baseball, such as ranting and yelling, contributes to the decline in the competitive population. Why doesn’t rants and swearing go away, even though society’s eyes on leaders are getting tighter?

“I think it’s because the leaders have a successful experience. A few percent, maybe one or two out of every 100, but there may be children who have grown up with angry swearing. Only a few percent. Success is unforgettable. If all fails, you should either quit your leadership or change your teaching method, or do you think you are a successful example of growing up in an angry and swearing environment and becoming a good member of society? I think”

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