who are the best players still available?

The Free Agency has only been open for three days, but many free players have already signed a contract with a team. First come, first served as the saying goes. In this avalanche of pen strokes, it’s hard to know who is still available. Well, that’s good because this paper is exactly intended to answer this question. And since we really like things well done, we also tell you where the latest rumors are sending all these boys. Go!

To find all the signatures of this Free Agency, it’s HERE!

Well then, who are the players who have not yet signed a license with an NBA franchise? There are quite a few with some big fish though, so remember to take your fishing rod and two or three large baits before venturing any further. For the type of lure? Bring greenbacks, lots of greenbacks. This is what works best to hope to catch a prey of choice. Okay, is your gear ready? Lets’ go. Who do we start with? Boh, by the most prestigious specimen. Her name ? The Barbudanis Texasona aka James Harden. The Sixers player is currently a free agent, but don’t get me wrong. For this whale, any capture attempt seems highly improbable. Why ? Because the Sixers should very probably extend it with a new contract, of longer duration. The salary will be a little lower, but it is to participate in the collective effort. It allows in particular to be able to sign PJ Tucker, not a straw when you want to play the title.

Second species of fish still evolving in open waters? Deandrenis Cactussino. Common name: Deandre Ayton. So that’s a big big shark. Dangerous ? Boh, just put a Playstation + subscription at the end of your hook and you should be fine. To speak basketball, the situation of the giant is not simple. In disgrace with the Suns following a very cracra Playoffs campaign, the pivot would be on top of the market (at fish lol) confused with Monty Williams and certain players in the group. To get it back? The Spurs seem in a good position, although the possible transfer of Kevin Durant has reshuffled a lot of cards. Why not picture a sign and trade with the Nets, accompanied by some of his teammates in a big big package heading to Brooklyn? We were talking so far about Detroit, but the recovery of Jalen Duren in 13th position now blocks position 5. Case to follow, but the future of the boy is probably not written in the valley of Arizona.

Still no catch in your bucket? Do not despair, we continue. The specimen to come? Milesas Bridagina. Concern, the player is currently struggling with the Californian authorities for a dirty story of domestic violence of which he is guilty. The issue here is therefore not to know where and when he will be transferred, but to know if Bridges will simply push back a basketball court in the near future. The penalty from the NBA and the Hornets should therefore be severe, pending that of a competent court. Come on, we’re back in our basketball fishing game. On the next page of the aquatic guide? A complete file on Collinus Cavaliranes aka Collin Sexton. The combo guard is out of contract with Cleveland and is therefore looking for a base. For the moment, little has filtered as to the potential destination of the boy. Injured in the meniscus at the start of last season, he missed the entire rest of it but keeps the fishing and especially the odds. The electric eel would like 20 million per season, a somewhat high claim for the Cleveland Aquarium. Pacers, Wizards? With Malcolm Brogdon leaving for Boston, it’s not impossible at all to see Collin’s net land in Indianapolis soon.

Come on, two more for the road? Tijis Warrenasis, TJ Warren for the uninitiated. Injured for almost two years, this killer whale is a real gamble. If it works, hello the increase in attendance in your establishment. To talk about basketball, TJ Warren regaled in the Orlando bubble with the Pacers. Except that since… it’s been a bit empty. Four games in two years, that’s not a lot of guarantees. No, the salary will not be high but it will be a question of wanting to revive the guy with patience and understanding. As said, if he comes back to the top… you’ll have a fantastic basketball player capable of leading a team in many aspects of the game. The odds are high but this may be the potential biggest hit for the Free Agency. For that, he would already have to be able to play again and at the moment nothing is guaranteed at this level. Boom, it’s already time for the last fish in the lake. Yes, we’re still going to say a bit crazy scientific blaze but it’s to Sebastiano Poissono, our official breaded fish supplier, that we owe these names. Anyway, let’s talk about Dennisis Schroderas. Small fish that can be dangerous, it will give pride of place to animation wherever it goes. In basketball language? A small leader at the end of the contract with Houston, able to create for the friends while bringing a good amount of points every night. Maybe not at the level of a starter, but why not a premium sixth man.

Well then it’s fishing, who did you get? For us, no big catch. We leave empty-handed but given our level of cane in hand… nothing surprising. Leave ? You are crazy. We’re going to watch the best fishermen share the last fish of this Free Agency, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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