Video: Campazzo’s fun challenge and a young man with an amputated arm

“Do you dare to do it, Facu?” wrote Lucas Fiorito Chami, a U19 player from Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires, labeling Campazzo. The video that accompanies the question is quality and class: beyond having one less arm (the left one was amputated after suffering a car accident), Lucas throws luxury, a heel and a three-pointer.

The base of the National Team saw the video and not only responded, but he also challenged the young man. “Here it is, my friend,” replied Facundo, imitating Lucas’ play.

But that was not all, because the player who continues to define his future in the NBA (Golden State?) doubled the challenge with a long shot, with his back to the rim and before lifting the ball with his foot.

Fiorito Chami: “Would you like this one?” Campazzo asked him. “Yes, she is here,” replied the young man, imitating the move. Crack. “Very easy, right? Haha tremendous!”, Campazzo completed in his networks, in an exchange full of quality, good vibes and a lot of basketball.


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