Versus / Cerro recovered from the initial scare and started winning in the Clausura

Closure 2022

17 Jul 21:51

Cerro Porteño started the Clausura tournament with victory, but had to demand more than normal to do so against October 12 at La Nueva Olla, since the Itaugüeño team put it in several troubles.

In fact, the “12” was the one who struck first, after an inattention by the Barca defense that allowed Víctor “Topo” Cáceres to hit a corner kick to push the ball to the bottom of Jean Fernandes’ goal.

But despite the initial blow, Cerro Porteño went looking for him and did not let the goal he received affect him. The right side of the “Cyclone”, the left side of 12, was the right place to attack because the visitors there had no answer.

The tie comes with a goal from Marcelo Moreno Martins, but with great responsibility from Agustín Silva, goalkeeper of number 12, who had a miscalculation with the Bolivian’s shot and easily went under his body, despite the fact that the shot did not it had too much force.

And “Chiqui” Arce’s team continued to hammer and search. Always on the right side, with the Alberto Espínola-Fernando Ovelar partnership, plus Noguera and Carrascal who joined to generate the game circuit.

Just three minutes after Moreno Martins’ goal, Cerro had a free kick in his favor from outside the area and with the ball lying slightly on the right of the Barça attack, especially for a left-footed player.

And that left-hander was Alan Rodríguez, already accustomed to free-kick goals and who on this occasion ratified it again. This time he didn’t need too much force, just a couple of running steps and a caress to the ball, which went over the barrier and into the bottom corner of the 12’s arc.

In the supplementary, Robert Pereira “corrected” the weakness of the left flank by sending Nelson Sanabria onto the field and the Itaugüeño team had its moment.

He generated three very clear scoring chances, but Jean Fernandes appeared to maintain the Barça advantage and once again save “Ciclón”, who already had some quick starts towards the end, which he failed to score to have the calming goal.

Even so, he ended up celebrating to start, to have a solid base on his illusion of winning the title of the Clausura tournament. On October 12, on the other hand, it gets more and more complicated with the average and it will be necessary to see if the remaining 21 dates are enough to save him.

  • 13
    Jean Fernandes
  • 23
    Alberto Spinola
  • 24
    Juan Patino
  • 4
    Alexis Duarte
  • 21
    Allan Rodriguez
  • 30
    Fernando Ovelar
  • 7
    Federico Carrizo
  • 6
    Raphael Carrascal
  • 26
    Robert Piris DaMotta
  • 11
    Brian Samudo
  • 10
    Junior Noguera
  • 17
    Daniel Rivas
  • 9
    Marcelo Moreno Martins
  • 20
    Alfio Oviedo
  • Francis Maple

  • 22
    Agustin Silva
  • 29
    Victor Davalos
  • 14
    Paulo Da Silva
  • 6
    Daniel Ortiz
  • 28
    Charles Silva
  • 23
    Gustavo Velazquez
  • 17
    Elvio Vera
  • 8
    Aldo Vera
  • 24
    Édgar Ferreira
  • 16
    Victor Caceres
  • 31
    Luis Fernandez
  • 26
    Ronald Roa
  • 20
    Mark Gonzalez
  • 7
    Nelson Sanabria
  • 18
    Dionicio Perez
  • 2
    Jorge Moreira
  • Robert Pereira


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Closure 2022

17 Jul 21:35

The coach of October 12, Robert Pereira, analyzed what his team’s defeat against Cerro Porteño in La Nueva Olla left behind, despite having started the game up on the scoreboard, after a goal by Víctor “Topo” Cáceres.

For Pereira, the “Ciclón” tie, with an error by Agustín Silva in between, was already “lethal” and his team was unable to recover from that blow. “We were having a good first half and then came Agustín’s unfortunate play and from then on we couldn’t get over it,” he said.

Later, he assured that a “little more work together” was lacking and despite the scoring chances generated in the second half, “we still have to shake ourselves up and recover quickly from this.”

Likewise, he highlighted the work of Cerro Porteño and Jean Fernandes: “We have to give credit to the rival, who with his style and moving the ball took us out of the game. When we had chances, Jean was there and we all know that he is a great goalkeeper and a good team always starts with a good goalkeeper,” he said.


Closure 2022

17 Jul 21:25

The coach of Cerro Porteño, Francisco Arce, analyzed what his team’s victory against October 12 left behind, with some shock since he started losing, but managed to turn it around to prevail.

And despite that initial scare, Arce maintained that it was a match dominated almost entirely by his team and expressed his agreement with Cerro’s football performance, even assuring that it was one of the best versions.

“It was a very correct game at times, with a lot of intention to play well on our part. In the second half until the 15th minute, more or less, they took control of us, but then we had it back and I think we won it fair”, began manifesting the DT.

Regarding the “Ciclón” football circuit, Arce stated: “We improved a lot. We insist a lot with movements and associations, as the team has already done and as is our pleasure in the coaching staff. They converted us but at all times we had control of the game, we slowed it down a few times, but we had volume and I liked it. This was one of our best versions in that sense.”

In addition, he highlighted the work of Fernando Ovelar, assuring that “he did very well within the time he could physically.”

So also Braian Samudio, who started as a midfielder and ended up playing as a winger: “I liked him in both functions. In the second half we thought it was going to be difficult for him, but I really liked him when he played as a striker, he was incisive and restless. And then he did well that double task of playing outside, attacking and helping in the defensive task, “said the DT in this regard.



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