“Versiffte Piefke” – FPÖ attacks the Bundesliga club – politics

The German Bundesliga club Werder Bremen bumped into an FPÖ event in the Tyrolean training camp – and thus drew insults from the party.

Like so many international top clubs, the German Bundesliga promoted and traditional club Werder Bremen also holds its training camp in Austria. Mountains, fresh air, mild climate, lots of rain and lush lawns – what more could you ask for? Players and coaches can find all of this in Zell am Ziller (Tyrol).

From June 30th to July 10th they are staying in the Zillertal to be able to start the new season strengthened and regenerated. The Park Stadium there offers “ideal conditions and the 55 three-thousanders provide the right framework,” writes the Zillertal Arena on its website.

There will also be real test matches in the tranquil area. On Sunday, the German second division side Karlsruher SC visit at 3.30 p.m. before they meet Beşiktaş Istanbul at Innsbruck’s Tivoli next weekend.

Edge against action day

On Saturday, however, the idyll was disturbed somewhat – even though the people of Bremen say they already feel very much at home here. At home, people always stand up against any form of right-wing extremism, and even distanced themselves sharply from the right-wing party “Alternative for Germany” years ago. “Every AfD voter should know that it is a contradiction to find Werder good and vote for the AfD,” said Werder President Hubertus Hess-Grunewald.

Now, of all places, a “day of action” by the FPÖ took place in Zell am Ziller at the music pavilion with party chairman Herbert Kickl and general secretary Michael Schnedlitz – in the immediate vicinity of the Werder training camp.

“CLEAR EDGE AGAINST NAZIS”, writes the club in a tweet, to which a remote recording of the FPÖ event is attached. The Twitter post was supplemented with hashtags such as “#Notoracism, #nonazis or #neighbourscannotchoose”.

“Piefken, empty heads”

What caused a lot of praise from the fans (and also from the Tyrolean Greens member of the National Council Barbare Neßler) naturally made the FPÖ foam. “Nobody needs these left-wing filthy Piefke here,” writes FPÖ-Vienna press spokesman and former member of parliament Leo Kohlbauer about the four-time German champion. “Let’s celebrate Rainbow Ramadan in Buntland.”

FPÖ Tyrol boss Markus Abwerzger sees it similarly: “What obvious hollow heads.” The FPÖ federal party speaks on its Facebook account of “radical left-wing political currents” that would take over football. “We say: clear edge against stupidity and lack of understanding of democracy!”

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