Valledupar 2022: Peruvian shooting won 12 medals at the Bolivarian Games

The Peruvian shot continues to leave the colors of the Peru. After seven intense days of competition at the Polígono de Nilo, in the Colombian city of Cundinamarca, the Peruvian Shooting Team won four gold, two silver and six bronze medals at the XIX Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games, which will culminate on Tuesday 5 of July.

Our sixteen representatives competed in the various modalities of the pistol, shotgun and rifle events, facing more than one hundred shooters from Guatemala, Colombia, El Salvador, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia.

With this result, Peruvian shooting also becomes the second national sport to win more medals for Peru in the current Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games, behind badminton and surpassing judo, artistic gymnastics, athletics, sailing, rowing, swimming, among others.

Peru adds to the medal table of the Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games: 116 medals: 30 gold, 26 silver and 60 bronze.

The list of our Shooting medalists in Valledupar 2022:

Gold medals

  • BRianda Rivera – Women’s Pistol Sport – 25 meters
  • Cristian Morales Bustos – Men’s 3 Position Rifle – 50 meters
  • Daniella Borda Olaechea – Women’s Skeet Shotgun
  • Marko Carrillo Zevallos – Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol – 25 Meters

Silver medal

  • Cristian Morales Bustos – Men’s Air Rifle – 10 meters
  • Kevin Altamirano Farfán – Men’s Rapid Fire Pistol – 25 Meters

Bronze medal

  • Alexia Arenas & Cristian Morales – Mixed Team Air Rifle – 10 meters
  • MArko Carrillo Zevallos – Men’s Air Pistol – 10 meters
  • Annia Becerra – Women’s Air Pistol – 10 meters
  • Alessandro De Souza Ferreira – Shotgun Trap (Olympic Foa) Men
  • Valentina Porcella Bardelli – Escopeta Trap (Fosa Olímpica) Femenino
  • Alexia Arenas – Women’s 3 Position Rifle – 50 meters
(Source: Shooting Federation)


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