TOUR ONLINE: Spurters in action! Who will leave Denmark as the leader?

After Saturday’s finish in Nyborg on the island of Fyn, the peloton moved to the Jutland Peninsula, and Sunday’s Old Lady action starts in Vejle, a town of 50,000. Along the eastern coast of the peninsula, it will then head in a southerly direction via Kolding to the island of Als to Sönderborg within sight of the German coast.

Just like on Saturday, on Sunday too, three “hills” categorized as climbs of the fourth category await the competitors and at the 90th kilometer a sprinter’s premium.

Profile of the 3rd stage of the Tour de France, the last of the Danish trilogy in the Old Ladies program.Photo:

“The route does not stray too far from the coast of the Jutland Peninsula, but the riders should not be exposed to the kind of wind they were on Saturday before the finish in Nyborg. This should make it easier for teams to control the development of the race and prepare the position for their sprint aces. Before the move to France and the unusually placed first day off, we should be witnessing the first big sprint battle today,” says its director Christian Prudhomme for the third act of The Old Lady.

Studio TOUR 2022. We analyzed this year’s Old Lady in detail with Petr VakočVideo:

This year’s Tour unusually started in Denmark already on Friday, and similarly, the peloton awaits the first day off on Monday. The teams will use it to transport them to the northern French city of Dunkirk on the coast of the English Channel, where the fourth stage starts on Tuesday with the destination in Calais.


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