Threat of crisis in Nacional due to Gio’s situation

National, which should be in the glorious After winning the Betplay-1 League title, he entered a threat of crisis just before the start of the tournament in the second half after the players, led by captainswill meet this Thursday with the club’s top shareholder, Antonio José Ardila, to ask him to consider the continuity of Gio Moreno.

Months ago, Gio had said that he won the title and thought about retirement, but contrary to what was initially said that his contract was valid until December of this year, it expired on June 30. However, after reaching the goal, the player assured that he was willing to continue with the only condition that the coach Hernán Darío Herrera also did so.

The atmosphere was rarefied since this Wednesday, when it circulated on social networks, unofficially, that the team had decided that Gio would not continue for the second semester.

This information immediately generated speculation and discomfort in the fans, so the managers decided to take action on the matter to cut the noise that has been made and this Friday they will have an official statement on the matter. This was stated by President Emilio Gutiérrez.

We won’t talk before Fridaythere is a communications plan in this regard, ”said the manager to this newspaper.

The fan’s claim

Part of the complaint from the fans is that many paid up taking into account that the player would continue in the team. They sold 22,000.

To the uncertainty of the fans, from Mexico they reported that there was an interest from the Necaxa de Aguascalientes club for the services of the midfielder, and that now that he would supposedly be free, the negotiation would accelerate.

If the rumors are officially confirmed and that Gio definitely does not continue in the Antioquian club, the fans have called for a protest in the duel on Sunday (6:10 pm) at the Atanasio Girardot against Cortuluá, and to also press so that the subscribers claim your money back.

Likewise, there is the possibility that if Gio does not continue, the technician Hernán Darío Herrera would evaluate his continuity due to the support he received from the player, to whom he would return his support. For now, the “Arriero” is silent.

The Organized Clubs of Atlético Nacional decided to release a joint statement this Thursday in which they invite the directors to reflect and in which they reveal that there has already been a meeting with the president of the green club.

“We met with club directives headed by president Emilio Gutiérrez and we were informed of the non-renewal of Gio Moreno’s contract. The main argument focuses on the statements made by him and coach Hernán Darío Herrera at the press conference after winning the title in Ibagué”. There, Gio said that the strategist had a very low salary.

He adds the statement that they know Gio was wrong, but that he is willing to apologize and turn the page.

“We send them to Mr. Antonio Jose Ardila and to the members of the Board of Directors a request for dialogue with Gio. We make it very clear that we can all make mistakes and that Gio himself is aware of this and is willing to correct his mistake, which incidentally occurred within the framework of a press conference to the sound of the emotion of the title and the sense of solidarity towards the “Arriero”.



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