“There are more chances for me to win Umag than for Novak to play the US Open”

Croatian former tennis player and Novak Djokovic’s current coach, Goran Ivanisevic, gave an interview to Free Dalmatia to analyze the chances that he can play in the next US Open. As crude as they were funny: “Right now there is more chance that the Umag tournament director will invite me and win the tournament than that Novak Djokovic can play the US Open. The United States as a country is inflexible to this type of situation.”

With this funny comment, the coach made it clear that he is not against the organization but against the laws that prohibit his pupil from competing: “The tournament itself does not cause problems of any kind, but the country’s politics are the boss in these kinds of situations.”

He is still optimistic but he knows that they made things very difficult for number 7 in the world ranking: “It’s a somewhat complex situation. It’s difficult for Novak to be able to play the last Grand Slam of the season.” Will there be a Wimbledon champion in the Big Apple?


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