The Southern Courier | GMC only makes 12 Hummer EVs a day

For those of you who believed that car production was better, tell yourself that it is far from the case. We learned earlier this week that GM has nearly 100,000 incomplete vehicles sitting around factories waiting to receive missing parts. We learn today that the Hummer is produced only 12 copies per day.

A lack of parts

GMC has more than 77,000 orders to fill, according to the Wall Street Journal. At this rate, it’s going to take 17 years to fill the orders. GM expects the production rate to increase by the end of the year, without specifying when exactly. GM says it takes this slow approach to ensure it can get the level of quality it’s looking for.

Huge batteries slow down the process

The Hummer EV works with a 246.2 kWh battery and requires a lot of raw material. These batteries are shipped by LG Chem from outside the United States. These batteries are currently arriving in very small quantities. A GM spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that the hundreds of deliveries will turn into thousands later this year.

A new battery factory

GM and LG Chem will create a new jointly operated battery plant to complement the new Ohio site where Hummer EVs are manufactured, and they plan to build it in Spring Hill, Tennessee, for $2.3 billion, with an expected completion date of 2023. With these two large factories, GM hopes to be able to meet its battery needs for electric vehicles, given that all of its brands plan to launch some 30 all-electric models by the middle of the decade. Until then, on the other hand, as in the case of all electric models, it will be necessary to show great patience.

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