The premiere of ex-Slavic stars for Jakarta? Krmenčík scolded the referee, Kúdela lost in a key fight

When the news appeared at the beginning of June that Slavia’s prop Ondřej Kúdela was heading to Jakarta, Indonesia, it sparked a lot of topics for discussion among fans. A few days later, he was followed by Michael Krmenčník, who would rather forget about the engagement in Eden for a change. And most recently, the Bahraini striker Júsuf Hilál.

Thirty-five-year-old Kúdela was immediately passed over as one of the league’s biggest stars, and the arrival of ex-representative Krmenčík raised great expectations. Their arrival in the Indonesian capital aroused enthusiasm among the home fans, which grew even more when Jakarta beat RANS Nusantara 4:2 in the general league. Both Kúdela and Krmenčík signed the win with a goal.

However, the first sharp match did not work out for the Czech fighters or their teammates. It must be said that the ambitious Jakarta initially visited the playing field of the reigning champion from Bali. Both Kúdela and Krmenčník spent the entire ninety minutes on the pitch, but they did not take away too many positive impressions from the match. The former mainstay of Slavia and the national team scored the only goal of the match. At the end of the first half, Brazilian Willian jumped Kúdela and decided the favorite’s victory.

His partner Michael Krmenčík did not perform much better either, who, apart from one header, did not get into any serious action, but after one of the controversial moments, he started very loudly at the head referee.

Júsuf Hilán, who should be ready for the next match against the Persis Solo team, has not yet taken part in the match.



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