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(openPR) The baseball cap is the trend headgear in 2022

Baseball caps are not a creation of the currently hyped fashion designers. Baseball caps have been around for a long time. In the past, these were mainly worn by men, whether they were sailing or playing golf.

A lot has changed in 2022. Now a baseball cap is an essential must-have in every wardrobe. The cap has become the fashion accessory of 2022. It gives every wearer a sporty look; it covers the most important zones on bad hair days; even the dullest outfit gains style. It always goes well with jeans, chinos or shorts in summer.

Alessandro Michele for Gucci and Demna for Balenciaga also don’t do without the cap in their latest collections.

By popular request, we have decided to offer you two stylish caps with our logo. These are now available in the shop.

You can choose:

FRENZEL Lifestyle Cap or the FRENZEL Sailing Cap

Lifestyle Cap data
Basic pastel blue with orange FRENZEL logo embroidery
Size ONE-SIZE, size adjuster made of silver-colored metal
FRENZEL cap is made of pure cotton

Sailing Cap data
Basic black with blue FRENZEL logo embroidery
Size ONE-SIZE, closure: snap button
FRENZEL Cap SAILING, outer fabric 1 – 40% polyester, outer fabric 1 – 60% cotton; Shell 2 – 100% Polyester

The main product is and remains the FRENZEL grapefruit.

FRENZEL – Spirit of Life

The ideal water sports paradise?

Where do you find this?

You know the rough North Sea
You have explored the Danish South Seas,
You know the ONE surf spot
You know the most secluded bays around
to drop anchor.

And? In your head?

FRENZEL Grapefruit is not just a fruity, bitter liqueur.
He’s a liquid time machine.

He takes you to the most beautiful surfing and sailing areas with one sip;
brings old stories to life
that you and your friends were allowed to experience on your adventures!

He lets you forget the events of the day
and enjoy the well-deserved end of work.

Just opening the bottle and smelling it
will give you that holiday feeling again.

FRENZEL Grapefruit is wonderful as a shot
after arriving and getting ready on deck.

Or after a successful day with the perfect wave
enjoy the sunset on the beach.

But it also revitalizes the classic cocktails.

Right now is the moment
to open and enjoy the FRENZEL grapefruit,
as a couple or with many friends.

I hope you’ve already got some ice cream.

If not, you still have some time after your order,
until you get the package.

You should use the time to get inspiration from our recipes.

Johannes Frenzel – The Man

Johannes was born in Herdecke in 1999. Even as a young boy he drew and drew many ideas. It was clear to him early on that one day he wanted to have a company – not a management consultancy like his father, but a manufacturing company. He wanted to be able to buy his product in every supermarket.

2021 was the day. After a lot of tinkering, failures and then again aha moments, Johannes was finally able to hold his first product in his hands – on his birthday. There couldn’t have been a nicer birthday present.

After that, there were a few setbacks – but he remains optimistic.

Right at the beginning of 2022, frenzel.drinks won the silver about.drinks award with its liqueur – in front of Berliner Luft.

Now the story continues!

It is worth following the development of the company. Something big is about to happen.

With this in mind, treat yourself to a fruity, tart treat!


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