Salta and Jujuy received the Federal Development Plan and 3×3 basketball training

The Argentine Basketball Confederation visited the provinces of Salta and Jujuy together with different work teams to carry out a series of sessions focused on the development of the sport and the players of the future.

In the first place and within the framework of the Federal Development Plan (PDF), in line with FIBA’s Youth Development Program, a mini-basketball meeting was held in Salta on Tuesday and Wednesday with more than 100 young players from different points of view. from the province. The Sergeant Cabral Club received the girls, who worked with Rocío Pérez and Paula Budini, trainers from CAB’s training staff. The Salteña Basketball Federation, with its president Gustavo Bordi, worked actively in the different activities carried out. Ricardo Oyarce, CAB Executive Secretary, was also present.

Meanwhile, in Jujuy, 3×3 basketball was the protagonist of the first days of work. During the first day, a training session was held for coaches and physical education teachers, plus meetings with Table Officials and referees at the Gorriti Stadium in San Salvador de Jujuy. In the afternoon, a 3×3 open training session for boys and girls from the different Jujuy clubs crowned a day of pure basketball at the Ciudad de Nieva Club. The Jujuy Basketball Federation, headed by Gustavo Lamas, helped organize these valuable conferences for sports in the province.

With the work of Mariano Rocco (coach) and Agustín Diz Ríos (coach and player) together with Patricio López as leader in charge of these activities, the second day in Jujuy also included a visit to the provincial Basketball Federation Stadium, with training sessions at the School of Commerce N°1.

All the trainings were based on the individual 3×3 technique, new game trends of the discipline, organization of 3×3 events and information from the FIBA ​​3X3 platform.

During Thursday and Friday, Jujuy received the work team of the Federal Development Plan while Salta had its 3×3 training sessions. On Saturday, July 16, a 3×3 tournament in the province of Jujuy will end this week of CAB work in the North of the country.


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