Sainte-Marie School – Luc-sur-Mer

The children hit the road this morning at 8:10.

10:30 a.m.: first break at the Haut Bugey rest area

It feels good after the first hour of mountain roads where several children were nauseous. Since then, everything is better!

The picnic under the sun went well (near Beaune)

The group has just resumed the road

4:00 p.m.: the change of driver at the Nemours rest area has taken place, the bus has left

the GPS announces slowdowns at Versailles. After passing Versailles, the arrival time will be easier to estimate

The traffic jam zone has passed. As I explained to you during the meeting, the driver is subject to imposed break times, and he will have to take a 45-minute break (it will be located in Rosny, near Mantes)

Luc’s arrival will therefore take place once he has the authorization to take the road again, and he estimates it more precisely at 9 p.m., at the Whale bus stop.

During the break, the guides will offer milk rolls and fruit to the children, while waiting for dinner at home that you must be eager to share with them!

8:55 p.m.: the bus is on the Calix Viaduct. Another traffic jam on the ring road, but they are approaching…

Soon soon… !!!



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